Zoho Applications for Streamlining the Coupon System – A Case Study


The client is a coupon management company for pharmacies looking to streamline the process involved in the coupon system. From sharing the coupon code to its redemption and its accounting in real-time, we automated the whole process using Zoho Applications.

The Client:

The client had a coupon system for pharmacies and their end-users who could redeem discounts. The client needed automation in its redemption process that would sync with the accounting process in real-time.

The Challenge:

The client wanted an easy process to redeem coupons for the end-users and the pharmacists to bill using the coupons.

The difficulty in handling the process of redeemable vouchers without the aid of technology was slow and exhausting. Hence, this would discourage the pharmacists (vendors) from accepting the coupons readily.

Once redeemed, the vendors had to follow up the transaction and spend precious workforce hours collecting the money for the product purchased with a coupon.

The client faced difficulty following up with the vendors and the end-users who used the redeemable coupon codes and needed to streamline the process.

The above-complicated process was ineffective for our client or theirs, which led to dissatisfaction in the parties involved. The client came to us with this challenge and looking for an efficient solution.


The Technology Used:

To provide the client’s solution, we used Zoho Applications, including Zoho Creator, Zoho Books, Zoho Sites, Zoho Analytics, and Rest API.

The Solution:

In easing the process involved in the coupon system, we automated the whole process. We started with understanding the business workflow and designed a solution that would take care of and streamline every step involved.

We started with Zoho Sites and created attractive, innovative landing pages with all the information regarding the coupon system that the client could use for campaigning.

The campaigns helped the client bring more vendors to use their coupon system and create awareness in the end-users to collect the redeemable coupon codes.

Our Zoho experts integrated the forms on the landing pages with Zoho CRM and helped in the automatic, real-time sync of the leads in the CRM. The leads turned to deals once they redeemed and used the coupons automatically.

The Zoho CRM integration helped the client eliminate manual entering of the lead’s data into the CRM. It enabled them to prevent losses from data entry errors, confusion, and missed entries.

To help the client share the redeemable coupon codes to their leads and follow up extensively with reminders and alerts, we integrated Zoho CRM with Nexmo with authentication, an A2P (Application to Person) messaging app through Zoho integration services.


With the Nexmo integration with the Zoho CRM, the client saved workforce hours and improved work efficiency while handling campaigns through SMS when sharing the redeemable coupon code information.

Through our Zoho customization services, we created vendor portals and customer portals (for end-users) to track, store, and monitor their redeemable code usage and purchases with vendor information and customer information recorded, respectively.

The creation of Vendor and Customer portals recorded the information in real-time, making the whole process simpler and effective for all parties involved, encouraging the usage of redeemable codes, and increasing walk-in sales using the coupon system.

The Zoho Books accounting integration with the Zoho Vendor Portal eased collecting the redeemed amount from the client, ensuring that the vendors did not have to spend more workforce hours on the process and further encouraged them to accept the redeemable coupons. While our client ran campaigns in series, we integrated the vendor portal to Zoho Analytics to track the performance.

Every campaign that our client ran could access the performance of the vendor’s involvement in sales through redeemable coupons. They could narrow down the vendors that showed higher sales in the previous campaign, helping our client increase their profit margin.

Overall the client benefitted from our Zoho customisation and Zoho integration services, through which we provided an efficient coupon management system.

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