Zoho Applications for Streamlining the Coupon System – A Case Study

The Summary of Zoho CRM Integration

The client is a pharmacy coupon management company that seeks to streamline the coupon system operation. We used Zoho Applications to automate every step of the process, from sharing the discount code to redeeming it and accounting for it in real-time.

The Client- A Coupon Management Company for Pharmacies Requires Zoho Customization Services

Our client is a reputable company with a coupon system for pharmacies where their end users can redeem discounts. The client urgently needs its redeeming process to be automated, focusing on immediate integration with the accounting system. Establishing a seamlessly integrated solution that ensures accurate and timely updates to the accounting system while automating the redemption process is the goal.

The Challenges- Build an Effective Coupon Management System

  • Our client was a reputable company that manages coupons and discounts for pharmacies. Our client found it frustrating and exhausting as they were doing the entire process manually. They realized that without the help of technology, the pharmacists would stop accepting the coupons immediately because it slows down the entire transaction.
  • After redeeming the coupons, the pharmacists had to do a follow-up on the transaction which was tiring and time-consuming as well.
  • So our client sought our expertise in fixing this issue with an effective solution. They wanted to simplify this complicated process coupon redemption process.

The Requirements of Zoho Customization Services in the Coupon Management Company


Based on the challenges outlined by our client, they have provided a set of requirements for the effective solution offered by us.

  • A simple way to redeem the coupons by the end users and for the pharmacists to bill them.
  • An efficient solution for pharmacists on the follow-up payments.
  • Automation in collecting the cashback for pharmacists.

The Tools Used in the Zoho Integration Services

To provide our client with a comprehensive solution, we used Zoho Applications, such as:

  • Zoho Creator
  • Zoho Books
  • Zoho Sites
  • Zoho Analytics
  • Rest API interaction

The Solution- Customizing CRM for Coupon System


As per the request of our client, we came up with an effective solution that would help them with their complicated coupon management system:

We streamlined the entire process to make the coupon system easier to use.

  • Understanding the company workflow was the first step in designing a solution that would manage and optimize each process.
  • Using Zoho Sites as our foundation, we developed eye-catching, creative landing pages with all the details about the coupon system the customer can use for promotion. The client was able to increase the number of vendors using their coupon system and raise end users’ awareness of the need for collecting valid discount codes because of the promotion.
  • Our Zoho experts helped with the automated, real-time synchronization of the leads in the CRM by integrating the landing page forms with Zoho CRM. Once the leads automatically redeemed and used the coupons, they became deals.
  • The Zoho CRM interface helps the customer avoid manually entering the lead’s data into the CRM. They were able to prevent losses due to misentries, confusion, and data input problems.
  • In our next step, we used Zoho integration services to link Zoho CRM with Nexmo, an A2P (Application to Person) messaging software, with authentication to help the customer disseminate the redeemable discount codes to their leads and do thorough follow-up notes and alerts.
  • By integrating Nexmo with Zoho CRM, the customer managed campaigns more efficiently by reducing work hours and providing information about redeemable promo codes via SMS.
  • Redeemable code usage was promoted, and walk-in sales using the coupon system increased because of the development of Vendor and Customer portals that registered the information in real-time, making the process easier and more efficient for all parties.
  • The Zoho Vendor Portal accounting interface with Zoho Books made it easier to get the redeemed funds from the customer, saving the vendors extra hours while motivating them to accept the redeemable vouchers.
  • We connected the vendor site to Zoho Analytics so that we could monitor the campaign performance while our client ran it in series.
  • With redeemable coupons, our client’s campaigns could track the success of the vendor’s sales activity. By focusing on those vendors who had better sales in the last campaign, they could help our customer boost their profit margin.
  • All things considered, the client benefited from our Zoho integration and customization services, which allowed us to offer an effective coupon management solution.

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