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Infomaze has the experience and the expertise to offer the best SharePoint programming skills and provide you with a top-notch SharePoint Document Management System (DMS), Content Management System (CMS), intranet or extranet portals that suit your business needs specifically, be it for an SME or a large Enterprise. Reduce your operational hours using our SharePoint solutions wisely. And, if you are not sure about which Microsoft SharePoint solution to choose, our best-in-class SharePoint consulting services will help you decide, which we offer free of cost and with no obligation.

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The array of SharePoint Solutions that we provide


SharePoint Document Management System

The scalable SharePoint DMS solution is one sure-shot way to organize and manage your companies extensive data repository effortlessly and securely, with better search options and more to increase your productivity.

SharePoint BI Solution

SharePoint Business Intelligence Solution

At Infomaze, we make the best use of the SharePoint Business Intelligence (BI) center and customize its template to provide you with the BI reporting tool that you need.

SharePoint Content Management System

We build a Content management system that provides the best user experience (UX), and flexible options to manage your content from the stage it is created, archived and published, to enhance your engagement.

SharePoint CMS
SharePoint Intranet Portal

SharePoint Intranet Portal

Streamline your day-to-day business operations by digitizing easy sharing of information within your company to maximize resource utilization and performance.

SharePoint Business Workflow Management Solution

Save time and manpower by utilizing business workflow management solution in your business to accelerate and automate tasks that are regularly repeated and increase your work efficiency and overall performance.

Workflow Management-Hire sharepoint
SharePoint Web Portal

SharePoint Web Portal

Manage all of your enterprise applications in one place with customized web portal integrations, including with your CRM, ERP, and other applications, to get all the data you need in one place, along with selective access and a single sign-on option.

A sneak-peak into the SharePoint development services that we provide


Our intuitive consultants at Infomaze understand your business needs thoroughly and only then offer you a high-performance solution that will do wonders to improve your business performance.

Sharepoint consulting

Sharepoint consulting

Our dedicated developers are creatively insightful and come up with ideas for solutions that are exceptionally efficient and user-friendly to work with, completely utilizing the Microsoft SharePoint Designer.

Sharepoint designing

Sharepoint designing

At Infomaze, our developers are highly skilled in using the Microsoft SharePoint Designer and provide you with the best custom SharePoint development services to deliver remarkable, scalable, and effectual solutions.

Sharepoint development

Sharepoint development

Our team carries out seamless migration from your existing SharePoint to a newer version or to a new cloud environment without disturbing your day-to-day business and lets you have all your data just where you need it.

Sharepoint migration

Sharepoint data migration

If you have an existing CMS, our knowledgeable developers will integrate it with SharePoint and make things easier for the front-end users to communicate and have better connectivity.

Sharepoint integration

Sharepoint integration

Expert developers at Infomaze, using the SharePoint Framework, come up with customized and personalized SharePoint Designer workflow that accentuates your business operations productivity.

Sharepoint customization

Sharepoint customization

Our team provides successful deployment of the SharePoint solutions that we develop for you, including its implementation, training and make sure we are there with you all the way.

Sharepoint deployment

Sharepoint deployment

Our team is quick in responding and provide 24*7 support and maintenance for free of cost or at minimum cost, depending on the project complexity. We provide regular upgrades as per the package you choose.

Sharepoint support

Sharepoint support and maintenance


Want an out of the box SharePoint Development solution?

Reach out to us if you have an idea specification on your mind or looking for an exceptional solution that needs end to end SharePoint development. We make it happen. We promise no spams, free consultation with no obligation.

Hire SharePoint developers to build applications for any industrial marketplace from Infomaze

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Why choose Infomaze as your SharePoint development company?

Our SharePoint application development team follows an agile methodology to develop unique cloud-based SharePoint SaaS solutions that are delivered well in time. At Infomaze, our team has great experience in handling project management tools including GIT, SQL Server, SVN, and teamwork, to name a few, and throughout the project maintain transparency, get your inputs and work towards providing you with 100% satisfaction. While at the same time, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you, so that you can rest assured.

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Hiring Modules-Hire sharepoint developers

Multiple hiring methods

Cost effective-Hire sharepoint developers


Timely delivery-Hire sharepoint developers

Timely delivery

Dedicated team-Hire sharepoint developers

Dedicated team

Signed NDA-Hire sharepoint developers

Signed NDA

Round the clock support-Hire sharepoint developers

Round the clock client support

Our Technological skills

  • C#
  • .NET
  • MVC
  • SQL Server
  • .NET Framework
  • XML
  • CSS
  • VB
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • AJAX
  • IIS

We value quality work and only offer our best, experienced developers for your project along with different engagement modules to choose from. Depending on the project requirement, we provide on-site deployment, off-site deployment, or a hybrid engagement module along with regular project tracking for billable hours. Our engagement modules include:

  • Project basis: As per your project requirement, you can opt for the team that you want to work on your project from its start to its completion.
  • Monthly/daily/hourly basis: We have fixed packages for you to choose from, which lets you hire our developers on a monthly, daily, or hourly basis, depending on what your project demands.
  • On-demand basis: Pre-buy our support and let us know a few hours in advance and hire the developer of your choice on short notice as and when your project demands it.
  • Idea generation: Discuss your SRS with our think tanks at Infomaze and we will come up with an idea and a schedule for project completion in almost to no time.
  • Comprehensive design: Our Microsoft SharePoint team will design and evaluate the framework for the project in hand to provide you with the best UI (user interface) and UX(user experience).
  • Development: Our full-stack SharePoint developers will take care of the front-end coding, back-end coding, and any third-party integration.
  • Testing: The solutions that we provide go through repeated bug-fixing and quality assurance cycles prior to its launch.
  • Deployment: The SharePoint applications are then deployed along with training for a successful implementation within the stipulated time.

Hire SharePoint developer

Are you looking for a team with expertise in custom SharePoint application development or seeking exceptional SharePoint consulting services? Either way, all you have to do is contact us with your requirements, and we will take it from there.


Steps to hire

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    Reach out to us-Hire sharepoint developer
  • 2Hire developers

    Hire Our Sharepoint Developers
  • 3Development

    Hire SharePoint Development services
  • 4Testing

    Testing-Hire Sharepoint developer
  • 5Deployment

    Deployment-Hire Sharepoint developer

Frequently asked questions


Do you have the experience to handle large enterprise SharePoint application development?

Yes, we do. Our SharePoint programming skills are above par and our expert developers are capable of handling complex challenges and get through with a 100% high satisfaction rate.

Can I track the development of the project regularly?

We welcome and encourage you to review and give your inputs regularly and we act on it with no room for delays.

Are your engagement modules flexible?

Yes, at Infomaze, we offer a flexible engagement module as per your project requirement.

Do you provide technical support once the project is launched?

Yes, we do. Minor changes, bug fixes, and maintenance after launching.

Can we use your resources for our project?

Yes, we prefer working on-site as our infrastructure supports and provides all the resources required for project completion. But, if your project requires on-site deployment, we will make that happen too.