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Hiring developers or software team can be a costly affair. Developing country like India is a great option especially if you are still a start-up making your way into the market as you will have a low budget.

Infomaze provides expert developers with great communication for all software development purposes, for a reasonable price . We understand that start-ups already have a lot to strive hard for and we want to get them automated at a cost that they can afford. The main aim is to get you automated so you can see the difference automation can bring into your business and catalyze its quicker growth. A tailor-made software solution will take care of all areas of your business so you can focus on what’s crucial and not just on the workflow.

Basic or complicated tasks – whatever your project requires, that is usually a mix of both, our team is committed to delivering you the same at great quality. Despite of how committed your employees are, monitoring the work of your staff at office is still rather crucial.

Infomaze has software solutions that ease your workflow and most of them also have a centralized system where data that’s input from the mobile app (if applicable) syncs to give you access to real-time data.

All our software solutions are highly modular and we let you choose the modules that your business needs, thus explaining why we are so affordable with no compromise in quality.

Depending on your package, we offer a lot more than just your software:

  • Regular maintenance (this cuts down your cost of hiring a separate IT team to take care of your software)
  • Hosting (this not only cuts down your cost to a great extent as it is one of the most expensive features of a software, but also wards off your dilemma to select the best)
  • No pressure to pay all at once – other than the setup fee, just pay a fixed, very reasonable monthly fee
  • Updates – the team updates all sources (if open source) used for your project for free
  • Upgrades – completely free updates of newer versions of software that you have chosen)

Most solutions that we offer are based on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model that includes all of the above services, whether web development or mobile app development.

Mobile apps are built to instantly engage users by incorporating outstanding UI and UX factors plus performance. Web applications include super easy navigation for use by everyone. This ensures that your customers are also satisfied as you can provide better final products when you concentrate on the core aspects of your business.

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Hire Cheap Developer in India

It is always a good idea to hire from a developing country as work is cheaper.

No matter where you hire your developer form, they must have be committed to the work they plan to deliver.