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Experienced developers who have created supply chain management solution, for companies who are struggling to manage suppliers, distributors, customers, prospects, inventory and much more

Supply chain management needs dedication and patience. But not everyone’s got the time to manage or carry out every task manually. A software solution is the key to streamline tasks and thus grow your business to great heights.

You no longer need a separate software to manage every part of your business. The Supply Chain Management solution provided by Infomaze combines the best management of all parts of your business in one. The software solution is also custom fit, meaning that it is highly customizable.

Infomaze has recently provided a full-fledged supply chain management system for print B2B . The major management areas include:

  • Dashboard

Data rich dashboard  helps you analyze important business data in a comprehensive manner. Accurate stats in real-time allow you to make best business decision without putting in much effort.

  • Employee Management

Manage your employee details in one place. Advanced filter to find employees with given keyword match. Attendance management lets you record employee attendance with login and logout timings, based on which the solution calculates the work duration for each employee. Choose start and end date for filtered results.

  • Prepress Management

Manage prepress activities by creating multiple dielines and barcodes. You can also import cards via past jobs in the mentioned format to guide printing.

  • Customer Management

As much important it is to handle your customers information, it is equally important to maintain a good rapport with them. And the key to analyze the wavelength of any customer is through communication – store anything you’ll every need to reach your customer. Easy options for adding a new customer, edit or delete existing ones.

  • Scheduling

Schedule jobs and share responsibility of each to your staff by assigning a CSR for each job. Find all jobs in one place along with their current status. This helps you ensure that the delivery date is as promised to the customer. Instantly add new parts with price that can be used for jobs – these parts will have unique numbers each. Set status to inactive if the part is no longer in use so any user (staff) can view it when they login.

All data is synced and is available on a centralized system that your staff can access. You can create different user roles and assign them different access permissions. The solution is highly secure and gives multiple options to protect your privacy by hiding part of or all data from your staff.

As you can see, all tasks are automated so there is no errors that would have occurred if these tasks were manual. Automation does not us help, but transforms your business.

Contact Infomaze and ask about Supply Chain Management solution to get your business organized right and gain the best ROI.

Supply Chain Management Solution

Automation of tasks is the way to top today’s competition in the supply chain management business.

Professional businesses need a professional solution. Here is where you invest wisely.