Empowering value-based decision making with supply chain management software


Today’s supply chain is extensive and continually evolving, which means that it must be flexible to be effective. In the past, supply chains met enterprise and customer needs through an end-to-end model that was largely unaffected by change. Consumers now have multiple options in how they buy products— online, in stores, and more, along with increasing levels of customization.

Increase resiliency, optimize processes, and reduce inefficient error-prone methods with smart workflows that integrate securely with your existing systems. Together, we can automate decision-making where it makes sense with real-time insights to respond faster to an ever-changing world.

Challenges in the supply chain go beyond performance and cost management issues. Changing times can impact regulatory compliance as well. Your supply chain management system must be flexible enough to alleviate the impacts generated by shifts in the supply chain, including changing and varied regulatory requirements. However, an intelligent supply chain management solution from Infomaze can help you be more productive and cut costs while remaining compliant with the ever-changing legal mandates.

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Whether it’s innovations, reforms, opportunities, or an evolving ecosystem, Infomaze’s approach to supply chain management can help you keep up with today’s competition and prepare for the future, to deliver immeasurable business results.

Here’s what you can achieve with our supply chain management software

Enhanced vendor performance
Purchase order status tracking
Automated Compliance
Product information management
Control vendor data updates
Integrated supplier management
Online shipment
Improved materials management

The future of supply chain management solutions


The future of the supply chain is all about responsiveness and customer experience – recognized and operated within a network rather than a linear model. Every link of the system must be attuned and compliant to the needs of the consumer while also addressing factors such as trade policies, sourcing, shipment method, etc.

Advanced technology will be used increasingly to promote transparency and supply chain visibility throughout the network, and to further enable connectivity and supply chain management utilization. The whole supply chain management planning will become more responsive to take consumer demands into account. The ability to adapt will be more than necessary.

The need for speed and accuracy in supply chain management is only going to increase. In the past, supply chain planning was mostly periodic business activity. Heading into the future, it will be rather continuous and perpetual. Future supply chain management systems will also bring in more fixed alignment between planning and execution. Make sure you are ready for the future by helping your supply chain with an advanced, feature-rich supply chain management solution.

Who can benefit from it?

Our supply chain software solutions can be customized for various business sizes, from Fortune 500 enterprises to small and medium companies. A digital supply chain solution covers the needs of manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers, and is especially suited for inventory management and demand planning solutions.


Why choose Infomaze?

Supply chain management software services
  • Supply chain visibility
  • Drive resiliency, agility, and predictability
  • Scalability and adaptability that makes the most sense to you
  • Complete administration control and security
  • Streamlined dispute resolution
  • Automatic supplier onboarding
  • Reduce internal resource demands

Now take your logistic management needs to the next level and get prepped up for the future with our specialized supply chain management services. Infomaze believes that our ability to implement design thinking into our supply chain management services is what sets us apart from our competitors. We believe in enhancing our expertise in various technologies to serve our clients with full-fledged development within the shortest time frame.

We provide the best supply chain management software and supply chain management consulting, as our expert developers are committed to offering high-quality supply chain management solutions to various SMEs to large enterprises at affordable rates.


Apart from this, our certified developers implement the best business practices and offer complete solutions to manage your supply chain business at the highest level. We have a genuine passion for driving success through our custom supply chain management services and provide integrations, setup, and other support. We follow standard processes and come up with meaningful solutions to radically improve your business’s technological capabilities in logistic management.

Frequently asked questions

What methodology do you follow to develop a solution? And how can I track its progress?

No, you do not. We take care of everything technical and deliver you a solution that you can use with no technical skills involved.

I have a project specs ready; can your team review and give us a quote?

Yes sure. Email us your specification and we will come back to you with a quote.

How much do you charge for building a custom supply chain solution?

We have different engagement models for you to choose from, be it a custom supply chain management software or a prebuilt solution.

What is your standard duration to develop a supply chain project?

Usually, the development of a solution may take three to seven weeks to complete. However, there is no fixed time-frame for any project, as it entirely depends on the project’s size, type, customization, integration, features, and functionalities.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes, we are. Also, Infomaze signs NDA with all its developers as well as clients to make sure it’s safe and secure for your company to invest in.