The Company

Delivering powerful business insights for smarter decision making

The value of any data lies in its potential to transform business decisions. With large volumes of data scattered across various areas, it has become crucial for enterprises to leverage data the right way to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. If your goal is to give a secure key metrics access to decision-makers within your organization, Infomaze can help you get there.

Our Company Motto

Our Motto

Infomaze's Motto is simple; we provide quality solutions at affordable prices. As an IT Service Management provider for 21+ years, we offer unique solutions to all of our customers and make sure they benefit from it, as customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. Hence, we deliver nothing less than the best, and no compromises there!

Our Methodology

We are agile and organized, which makes no tasks complex for us to handle. Every step of the way, we march with your vision towards the goal you have in mind and complete the projects with less turnaround time.

When you win, we win, and it's when you are happy that we are thrilled as well. With the latest agile tools and technologies, we deliver top-notch SaaS solutions that take your business to the next level.

Our Methodology​
Work ethics

Our Work ethics

Infomaze values and remain ethical through and through. From our work culture, maintaining professionalism, and staying loyal to the non-disclosure agreements we sign, everyone in our company treats their job very seriously and like their own.

A tight-knit family, as Infomazians, we care for each other, encourage and support one another, thereby boosting productivity and a healthy workplace. With the efficient ambiance that we have, our dedicated developers are always friendly and give their 100% at all times.

Check out our rich history that reflects reaching milestones, one after another

Company founded

Infomaze, a software development company formed in India.

First major client

First major client from the US for a B2B application

Another major client added

Service management solution for a major enterprise

Our team gets hired

Hired to manage & enhance a Web2Print solution.

New center launched

New development center in Bangalore to harness new talent

We privatize

Registered as a Pvt Ltd unit & get major CMS client in RSA

In-house development initiated

Development of Print MIS & supply chain management solution

Infomaze’s Print MIS launched

Print MIS launch with a partner office in Australia

In-house pest control services

Enhanced Print MIS & FSM for service company in Dubai

New office space bought

Demand builds for our products & we move to new office area.

Print MIS among top 10 solutions

Listed among top 10 commercial print MIS by CIO.

Fastest-growing IT company

Ranked among top 20 fastest growing IT service companies.

Multiple mobile apps launched

Successfully launch 45 modernistic mobile apps global clients.

Our new office space

We move our operations to the new office space at Hebbal

Breaking barriers and reaching new heights!

Challenging infinity!

Challenging infinity!

As fancy as it sounds, all of us at Infomaze honestly believe that nothing binds our imaginations to the ground. But we also know not to fly too close to the sun. We are thereby providing a balanced assurance and delivery.

Powered by Innovation

Our solutions aim to reform our client's life and business for the better. We innovate and develop creative yet straightforward solutions that dial your business towards success.

Powered by Innovation
Unbreakable bond with Infomaze

Our Unbreakable bond

We believe in growing together and maintaining a friendly atmosphere at work that pushes us to strive better and develop an even stronger bond with our clients.

Lasting imprints!

Our clients are present worldwide and everywhere Infomaze has left pleasant and lasting imprints that make all our clients delightfully come back to us for more long-lasting solutions.

Lasting imprints!

Why our workforce creates great sagas?

Here are the advantages and competitive edge that we possess!

Dedication paired with flexible hours

Dedication paired with flexible hours

Our employees work efficiently and relax with a coffee or work day and night if required to meet client needs. What is more important is that they enjoy a good challenge and meet it head-on. Time is never a factor as they effectively maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Top-notch IT infrastructure

Infomaze, since the time it took its initial steps, had a vision of reaching heights that break every hurdle with ease. Therefore, it has geared up with the best and latest IT infrastructure that fulfills every IT needs.

Top-notch IT infrastructure
Expertise that beats the odds

Expertise that beats the odds

With years of experience dealing with real-life problems that have tested the limits of our dedication, our IT solution providers, who have always come out as winners, have the expertise to handle any complex projects.

Someone whom you can trust and be sure does not just claim!

Check out our ISO certifications and compliances that let you rest assured about how seriously we take your safety and privacy and the measures to protect it, Or if you wish to discuss your requirements or have queries, reach out to us.