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Best Web Application Creation in India

Highly customized web application development offered by Infomaze ensures seamless application usage on multiple modern browsers

Over the years, India-based company Infomaze has built 350+ web applications to cater to various business needs of its clients. The procedure used to build these quality software follows all general rules that are required of project management to make it as professional as possible. This ensures that the company’s development solution is no less than the best. Highly efficient ‘Error Tracking Tools’ and various other methodologies including the ‘Agile Software Development’ are incorporated while developing your solution to create solutions with outstanding performance.

Infomaze offers services that are reasonable and affordable by every size of business and this tops our wide range of software services. We have extensively worked on business processes & workflow management across industries, namely:


Here are some features of the web applications that we build:

  • Highly customizable solutions and scalable resources for maximum flexibility;
  • The company designs software with high level security to ensure that no involved data can be accessed without authorization;
  • Customizable reporting system with options to Save, Print, Export and Auto-Email reports;
  • Developed using 3-tier architecture so that it is easy to maintain, upgrade and add new modules as per your changing requirement;
  • Easy-to-use interfaces so that minimum or no training is required for any user;
  • Beats all challenges in terms of speed and other performance 

The web-based software can be used with just an internet connection and a device that supports browsing – a desktop, laptop, tablet, etc. They work across operating systems such as Windows, Linux and MAC. This means that you can access your solution from anywhere in the world! All our apps are renowned to be user-friendly.

Infomaze has always been one of the leading web application development company in India. Quality custom development at a great price is something Infomaze offers as a India-based company that many other firms may not. Our developers care about the solutions they build and allow full dedication. Core expertise of our manpower constantly takes the quality a notch higher every time.

You can also have website built by our company and we can make it mobile friendly if you do not need a separate app for your website. This saves you cost if you don’t really need to be on the go. Needless to say, these websites would also be greatly compatible with tablets.   

When you have opted for our services, we do all we can to give you the best experience while building the solution and thereafter, always. Weekly updates of the process will be shared by the relevant team so you don’t have to wonder what’s going on or how much longer it will take to get your hands on the ready solution.

The services we provide are not just till the solution is sold; our support team in India is always available to serve you – and for as long as you need. Other than India, we also have local services in all major parts of the word so you can have access to our support services without interruption, in the applicable local time zone. While building the solution, the team uses the latest technologies and regular updates give you maximum longevity of usage. Also, given the free upgrades that come as part of the package, you can relax and just concentrate on using the solution to your benefit. 

We totally understand if you are the curios type and want to know more in technical depth of the solution you are getting built! In this case, we can arrange for you to get in touch with the developer himself so that you may have all your doubts clarified in the best way possible. For this, you just need to raise a request with us and we will see what can be done! 

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Web Application Development

Until now, Infomaze has worked upon 2000+ web, mobile & desktop applications and now masters these services.

All our cloud-based applications work via internet. They can run on Windows, MAC and Linux equally well and on desktops, laptops and even tablets. The applications run well on all modern browsers.