Enterprise web application development

Enterprise Web Application Development

When you hire our MERN Development team, they have the expertise to develop complex web applications for enterprises, be it on the internet or as part of the company’s intranet, that is secure, scalable, cost-effective, and seamlessly run on multiple devices.

Web and mobile application development

Web Application Development

Our MERN stack web developers provide web apps and are focused on crafting highly interactive solutions that look great on every device. We also follow industry best practices for compelling user experiences.

Custom application development

Custom Application Development

Get value-added, robust, user-friendly web applications with our MERN stack development services, including ERP, CRM, and other third-party applications.

CMS development

CMS Development

Our MERN stack programmers are capable of building content management systems that are proficient and interactive and helps you manage your enterprise business data efficiently.

eCommerce Development

eCommerce Development

Taking advantage of the tech stack, our stack web developers build engaging and captivating eCommerce solutions that enrich your business productivity. The MERN stack developers within Infomaze build bold and visually appealing sites for SMEs and large businesses.

Migration and porting

Migration, Porting & Integration

Migrating your existing applications to the MERN framework is done seamlessly and securely without letting it affect your everyday operations. Our MERN development team follows a well-defined process that guarantees a smooth transition with minimum risk.

Infomaze's Affordable and Flexible Hiring Modules

We are flexible in offering our services, solutions, and developers as per your business needs. Hire MERN Stack developers and choose a full-time, part-time plan that meets your project needs.

Have an idea and need to work on a fixed cost basis? Fret not; our fixed cost module will deliver the exact quality solutions at an agreed cost. Check out our hiring modules for MERN Stack developers for your project, and share your requirements. We can reduce your fixed cost and deliver the best quality & solution for your needs.

Hire Our Team Now
Fixed Price Hiring Engagement Module

Fixed Cost Project Based

Engage us to work on your project on a fixed-cost basis. What we need is the project requirement, and our team can take it from there. Projects are delivered on a milestone basis and undergo a testing process before providing a well-written and tested solution.

Flexible Engagement Module to Hire Developers

Hire MERN Stack Programmers

Hire a MERN Stack developer or a team for your project needs and engage us weekly, monthly, or long-term. You can start with a trial task and hire the team based on the results. The cost gets more competitive with the duration of the engagement. Based on the project, we recommend the best team with similar experience to deliver top-notch results.

Hire Software Developers Team on Demand

Hire Team on Demand

Often you may not require a full-time or a part-time team to work on a task or project for your MERN application. This model lets you engage our team on demand and takes care of any immediate or urgent needs. Our team of MERN stack developers for hire can start immediately in a strategic and organized manner.

The MERN Stack Development Process That Our Development Team Follows:

Share Project Requirements

Share Project Requirements

Talk to our development team regarding your project specification, and our MERN full-stack developers will come up with a plan and strategy to put your project specification to life.

 Project Initiation

Project Initiation

Once the project SLA is set, and the strategy is defined, the project setup is initiated and handled in an agile manner with complete transparency and efficient project management.

Get the Project Completed

Get the Project Completed

With the expertise our MERN Stack developers possess, get the project completed with your feedbacks incorporated, assessed, and ready for deployment with effective project management.

Cloud Implementation and Support

Cloud Implementation and Support

From cloud implementation to its maintenance, our stack developers take care of it all with 24*7 support, so you can rest assured.


Hire Full-stack Developers for MERN Stack App Development
for all Industrial Sectors

The profound knowledge and experience in developing web applications by our MERN stack team successfully qualify Infomaze as one of the top MERN Stack development companies with excellent project management specifically for any Industrial sector. Some of the industries we have provided applications to fit their needs specifically are as follows:

  • Healthcare



    Hire MERN developers to develop digitally smart web and mobile applications that comply with regulatory standards.

  • Travel & Tourism

    Travel & Tourism

    Travel & Tourism

    Our MERN stack development team understands the industry terms and provides travel applications that cater to your growing business.

  • Education

    Education & E-Learning

    Education & E-Learning

    Hire a MERN stack programmer from us for innovative and beneficial eLearning solutions development.

  • Logistics & Transport

    Logistics & Transport

    Logistics & Transport:

    Let our development team handle scalable logistic and transportation software development for real-time tracking, analytics, and management.

  • eCommerce

    Retail & Ecommerce

    Retail & Ecommerce

    Hire a MERN developer or our development team to work on your futuristic retail and eCommerce solution now.

  • Entertainment

    Media & Entertainment

    Media & Entertainment

    With real-life experience developing an entertainment app, our MERN developers handle any complex application development.

  • Supply Chain

    Supply Chain

    Supply Chain

    Hire MERN development team for developing end-to-end supply chain management solutions.

  • Food & Beverage

    Food & Beverage

    Food & Beverage

    From manufacturing, packaging to transportation, get full automation with a custom application developed by hiring our MERN developers.

Why Hire MERN Stack Developers

Why Hire MERN Stack Programmers
from Infomaze?

Choosing to hire MERN stack programmers from us will help you bridge the gaps in your business with our custom enterprise-level web applications, integrations, and migrations to MERN.

We don’t just deliver simple web solutions with MERN stack development services but also empower our clients to turn their businesses into API-powered digital platforms. Practice and implement third-party assessment tools and help organisations with their IT investments by efficiently meeting their business requirements and goals.

Here Are More Reasons for You to Choose Us:

  • Dedicated Full-stack developers

  • Agile Methodology Used

  • Complete Transparency

  • Source code authorization

  • No hidden costs

  • MERN stack developers with 5+ years of experience

  • Efficient project management

  • Only High-performance applications

  • Strict NDAs signed

  • ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001 certified

  • Timely and quick delivery

  • Cost-effective solutions

  • Round the clock support

  • Best organization structure

  • Multiple hiring options

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FAQs while Hiring MERN Stack Developers

Frequently Asked Questions while
Hiring MERN Stack Developers:

  • As the technologies used to build a MERN application uses a single coding language, JavaScript, context switching is eliminated. Hence the development process is fastened, which in turn reduces the time required for deployment.
  • The technology stack is robust, flexible, highly scalable, and has a smooth development process for interactive web applications with its excellent suite tools. Also, it helps in the development of single-page applications that are in high demand.
  • The three-tier architecture pattern works seamlessly and provides an end-to-end medium for developing web applications.

Yes, definitely! We make sure to exceed your expectations by filling any technological gaps and delivering a top-notch end product, with feedback from you every step of the way through our quality project management.

Yes, our MERN developers are full-stack with thorough knowledge of all components of MERN, graphic-, UI/UX-designing. Material CSS, HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS, and use their expertise to build secure web applications.

Infomaze offers very reasonable rates for MERN stack developers starting from $12/hour (prices may vary depending on the developer’s skill set and experience). Hire our dedicated MERN stack developers to create high-quality web applications for your modern enterprise.

Usually, a web development project may take three to seven weeks to complete. However, there is no fixed time for any project, as it depends entirely on its size, type, customisation, integration, features, and functionalities.