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Power BI Planning and Consultation

Power BI Planning and Consultation:

Connect your company CRM and pull out all the data required from the data source. From leads, clients, vendors' data to the sales pipeline data, moved into one dashboard.

We get all the CRM data you need onto one dashboard. From there, we will customize and pull the data to other reports according to your need.

Power BI Dashboard Development

Power BI Dashboard Development:

Obtain actionable reports with visual elements and dynamic dashboards that can be embedded in your preferred applications for swift business decisions using our Power BI dashboard development services.

HRMS integration with Power BI

HRMS integration with Power BI:

Implement HRMS data in Power BI for people analytics access and get workforce cost, attrition rates, and employee performance KPIs (key performance indicators).

Measure your day-to-day business transactions in real-time and improve your business processes with impactful business decisions.

Microsoft Power BI Integration with CRM

Microsoft Power BI Integration with CRM:

Integrate Power BI and CRM to get better insights into customer data and drive sales performance with our Power BI integration services to ensure hassle-free process integration.

Power BI Integration with Enterprise Data Warehousing

Power BI Integration with Enterprise Data Warehousing:

Ensures centralized data analysis and reports in one dashboard that supports the whole business intelligence to enhance data integration efficiency.

Power BI with ERP Integration

Power BI with ERP Integration:

Improve your performance based on those key parameters using an ERP system and Power BI Integration, effectively visualizing and analyzing the current data in real time with our Power BI integration services.

Power BI Designing and Visualization

Power BI Designing and Visualization:

Our Power BI development services are incorporated with their usability attributes, consisting of compelling designs and interactive visualization, which enable the users to interpret large amounts of data within a short time for decision-making.

Integrate your IoT Management System with Power BI

Integrate your IoT Management System with Power BI:

Process the data in Power BI for valuable analytics and forecasts. Our versatile Power BI consulting services guarantee seamless integration of Power BI software applications with IoT management systems.

Automation in Power BI Data Analysis

Automation in Power BI Data Analysis:

Deploy Power BI as data analytics for sharing and flow with our skilled Power BI business intelligence team. Our advanced Power BI solutions optimize datasets, visualize it, and deduce insights which drive better decision-making.

Power BI Data Management

Power BI Data Management:

Our Power BI developer team is proficient in seamlessly integrating, transforming, and governing Power BI in order to assure a smooth workflow which delivers a good quality data set that is trustworthy at the decision-making level.

Microsoft Power BI Implementation and Support

Microsoft Power BI Implementation and Support:

From requirement analysis to user training, our skilled Power BI developers offer a complete spectrum of services, from dynamic dashboard development to a successful implementation of Power BI.

Power BI Data Support

Power BI Data Support:

Continued expert assistance on data visualization, analytics, and reporting. Our advanced Power BI consultant services ensure specifically-targeted assistance to solve any difficulties in order to achieve smooth operations with maximum value.

Our Power BI Dashboard Development
Case Study

Power BI Solution for a Car Dealership Company

Power BI Solution for a Car Dealership Company

We eased the process of making impactful decisions for the client and saved precious time and workforce energy. As Microsoft partners, we have provided multiple Power BI solutions, making us the right choice for the customer in addressing their business challenge.

  • Industry

    The client, a car dealership company, relied mostly upon a paper-based data management system. The process was time-consuming and involved workforce energy in concluding overall sales and profit to make significant business decisions.

  • Expertise

    With our expertise in providing Power BI dashboard development services, we created highly representative, graphically descriptive, interactive dashboards for their business metrics, including sales and profit margin.

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Our Microsoft Power BI Services in Multiple Industries

  • Healthcare


  • Manufacturing


  • Finance


  • Solar Industry

    Solar Industry

  • Real Estate

    Real Estate

  • Travel Agency

    Travel Agency

  • Education


  • eCommerce


Optimize Data Ecosystem with Our Power BI’s Tech Integration

Tap the full potential of your data stack with Power BI integrations provided by a diverse range of technology partners. See what other tech solutions can be of assistance to improve data handling and bring more value to your entire ecosystem.

  • power-apps
  • Microsoft-Teams
  • Google-Analytics
  • MS-Power-Automate
  • Excel
  • CSV
  • Sharepoint
  • QuickBooks-Online
  • Zendesk
  • Xero
  • Azure-SQL-Database
  • MySQL

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Why choose Infomaze for Microsoft Power BI Services

What Makes Us Stand Out?

Our robust Power BI consultation services deliver Power BI dashboard development projects swiftly, ensuring you get actionable insights in record time and fast turnarounds, making us one of the best Power BI service providers.

Our Microsoft Power BI Services ensure seamless data integration, allowing you to analyze data from various sources effortlessly.

Our key features include:

  • Industry-specific KPI dashboard development.

  • Provides seamless Power BI integrations.

  • Natural language queries.

  • Effective project management.

  • Affordable and flexible hiring modules.

  • Scalable Power BI solutions.

  • Unique reporting capabilities provide valuable insights.

  • Interactive dashboards allow intuitive data exploration and analysis.

  • Comprehensive training and support.

  • Rest assured that your data is secure and compliant with industry regulations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The implementation deadline is already dependent on the complexity of your requirements. We pride ourselves in the swift delivery of software systems of unsurpassed quality.

The implementation timeframe is usually related to the complexity of the issue. It can be a few weeks or months, but I am sure your team will carry this out skillfully and get the most effective dashboards at a reasonable time.

DAX, a formula language, gives a chance to run the calulations and data manupilation in the Power BI datasets /data sets/ at the same time, ADLS, a reliable solution for storing and managing data Azure Data Lake Storage, integrates seamlessly with Power BI for scalable purposes.

Indeed, we have far-going practice encompassing the linkage of Power BI with multiple data sources and third-party programmes to boost its functionality.

Head to our website or get in touch with us to talk through your objectives. Our team will work in close links with you to know your business needs and to offer Power BI implementations that concern your goals by developing the appropriate solutions.

Infomaze provides for data care by way of consistency with industry standards, role-based access control, encryption and data governance features and ensuring anonymity, authenticity and availability.

With us, you receive all-embracing support in the form of troubleshooting, performance tuning, and updates, making sure that the performance of the dashboards based on Power BI remains optimal instantaneously after implementation.