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Cloud Migration is carried out to move data in various forms from one cloud environment to another. The process incorporates lift-and-shift approach, wherein on-premises applications or other business elements can be moved to the cloud without having to make changes to the applications. Generally, this involves relocation of all your data (email, applications, file server and other information) from your onsite servers to the cloud.

The cloud has seen a remarkable growth in the past few years, owing to its rapid pace of adoption. Almost every enterprise has employed cloud migration and there is a huge demand for cloud migration services across all industry verticals like banking, finance, aviation, entertainment, etc.

Importance of cloud migration

The cloud is a vital element for nearly every business type to sustain amidst adverse competition. While considering migration to cloud, it’s important for enterprises to determine which cloud approach would suit their requirement and the arrangement in which the applications and software are transferred to the cloud.

Most business organizations are inclining towards cloud migration for maintaining their data and records in the cloud. Migrating your entire data to the cloud will help you manage information better in real time. Added to this, cloud migration comes with multiple benefits including reduced costs, minimum down-time, increased up-time, enhanced security, saved storage space, etc.

Infomaze’s cloud migration services helps you to migrate your tangible and intangible workloads to the cloud with minimal risk and maximum results. We have also collaborated with other cloud providers to offer the best services in the market. Infomaze alleviates the complexity of the process in an easy and organized manner.

At Infomaze, we aim to provide our clients with a secure cloud environment, so the client’s expectations are exceeded. Cloud migration is a highly technical and planned process that involves working with outside vendors, on-site staff, etc. Even though cloud migration can be complex and filled with challenges, you can always get it right with the guidance of our experienced professionals.

Advantages of cloud migration

There are plenty of advantages of migrating to cloud. They are as follows:

1. Advanced or enhanced resource management
2. Increased flexibility
3. Enhanced security
4. Reduced costs
5. Automated workflow
6. Secured storage
7. Highly scalable resources
8. Automatic upgrades
9. Faster deployment
10. Quick implementation

Stages in cloud migration

There are six stages involved during the process of cloud migration from implementation to deployment:

1. Planning & Assessment: The initial stage of cloud migration includes understanding the possible challenges that may arise and the steps involved in the deployment. Every step is carefully planned beforehand to avoid any negative consequences. We assess the user’s workflow to better understand their requirements.

2. Building Foundation: We build a foundation to provide servers for the client’s environment. A secure and compliant foundation is created for the implementation of applications. The foundation is designed to align with the client’s business type.

3. Installation & Migration: In this phase, the documentation is provided by the client and the software is installed using installation files. After the software installation, the applications (contacts, emails, apps, folders and other data) are migrated over to our data centers.

4. Testing: A group of tests are conducted to identify flaws in the cloud environment, allowing us to resolve unanticipated issues before going live.

5. Deployment: The last stage is when the applications are deployed to the cloud. The users can monitor data after going live and the user experience always turns out to be incredible.

Infomaze provides effective cloud migration services that are highly adaptable with low risk. We utilize foolproof techniques and a lot of hard work is put in before going live. Hence, the results are ought to be wonderful.

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