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State-of-the-art cloud migration services

Cloud migration refers to moving data, applications, or other business elements to a more secure and highly-performing cloud environment from its existing platform. The cloud servers are available in many locations globally and are accessible over the internet with safe modes. Organizations are now rapidly moving their entire business to the cloud, making the workflow more efficient and robust, further optimizing the cost and infrastructure.

While planning data migration to the cloud, it’s natural to be concerned about the risks involved with it. However, you can always get it right with our IT professionals’ guidance, who will ensure a risk-free, hassle-free, and on-schedule transfer.

Infomaze is a leading Cloud migration services provider, and our expert team can help you with the migration no matter where you stand on your cloud journey. Our services include migrating apps, data, software licenses, workloads, and more from legacy infrastructure (public, private, virtual private) across different cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud). Our third-party integrated services are scalable and meet your requirements.


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Our Service Offerings

Cloud infrastructure migration

Infrastructure migration

Move your on-premise data, applications, and other business processes to the cloud with Infomaze’s infrastructure migration services. Get rid of the physical storage devices and move the information to a more secure and well-maintained cloud infrastructure.

Platform migration

Having vast experience in moving workloads across different cloud platforms, we also provide training and resources after the migration. Our in-depth expertise with platform migration lets you strengthen your work efficiency by staying ahead of the competition.

Cloud platform migration
Cloud application migration services

Application migration

We use open-source cloud migration tools and plan a well-orchestrated cloud migration strategy to move your applications to faster workloads. Moving your applications to the cloud improves business performance by making information accessible from a centralized location.

Cloud to cloud migration

Start your cloud to cloud migration journey with Infomaze for a simplified process, reduced human errors, and 100% data integrity. We help you identify the best options and build a customized work structure to meet your enterprise performance. We know every company is uniquely positioned.

Cloud to cloud migration
OS migration services

Operating system migration

We ensure a smooth operating system migration by leveraging our experience to maximize efficiency and minimize data loss. We look for all the minute details to understand the compatibility and coding interface to ensure the migration is flawless and error-free.

Database migration

Step ahead and move to a more secure and robust cloud database today. We know how much it takes to manage a physical storage system that is unpredictable and requires human intervention to maintain. Our experts can help you migrate your on-premises database into newer, advanced cloud platforms with zero downtime.

database migration services
Office 365 migration

Office 365 migration

Leverage the benefits of Office 365 by migrating from other legacy platforms and gain meaningful insights into your workload. What better than keeping all your day-to-day business applications in the cloud that is accessible globally at any time.

Cloud migration consulting

Being certified cloud migration consultants, we plan and design migration strategies to securely move your workloads to the cloud. We will analyze your existing workflow and give you a more structured option to securely transfer your business to the cloud.

Cloud migration consulting

Want to get your migration right?

Talk to our certified cloud professionals today, and we will assist you with all the aspects of cloud migration, right from planning to deployment. We understand your business needs and effectively transfer your workloads to the cloud without disrupting your business environment.

How we work

We follow a structured approach towards our cloud migration services. We inspect the existing environment to understand the data load, application platform, coding interface, security standards and plan migration accordingly. Our agile project management methodology helps us keep track of every detail and timely delivery of our client’s projects.

How we will help

We offer our clients an end-to-end IT solution to modernize their workflow, increase productivity and increase ROI. Our services are customized to meet the client’s requirements. We have helped our clients to move their IT systems seamlessly to the cloud, maintaining a compliant standard.


Planning & Assessment

The first step of cloud migration covers mapping out a migration strategy by understanding the existing environment.

Framework Design

We then create a secure and compliant infrastructure consisting of clear, policy-based rules.
Installment and Migration

Installation & Migration

We start implementing changes and migrating the business applications and data to the cloud.
Testing and Deployment

Testing & Deployment

Several tests are run in the new environment to ensure the migration is flawless and error-free.

Our Expertise in cloud migration

Infomaze offers custom cloud migration services across multiple industries and businesses. Our services ensure to meet industry-specific guidelines, security standards, and seamless deployment.












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Cloud migration services

Why choose Infomaze for cloud migration services?

We design cloud environment migration services to ensure our clients take advantage of the latest technologies. Our developers show in-depth expertise in building solutions with cutting-edge technology advancements.

Our end-to-end cloud migration services come with multiple benefits, including server security, increased agility, faster processing, a scalable footprint on the cloud, reduced costs, increased uptime, saved storage space, and more.

Our Happy Customers


“I was very happy with the promises made and, more importantly, delivered. Quality code. Neat and organized. Ace assisted with the last tweaks to ensure I was a happy client. I would be happy to work with them again on my next project.”



“Infomaze is the best technology partner any business could ask for, they go above and beyond to satisfy my business needs and they will do research and develop anything you need. I will never switch to any other company, may your success be our success! P.S. Gaj is the best.”



“Vic and the team at Infomaze are absolutely awesome to work with. Their price was fair and their professionalism is top notch. They spent more time waiting on me than I did them, and they were patient and courteous every step of the way. I would  definitely recommend hiring them , and I will continue to use them for my future projects”



“The project thus far was not complicated and we are continuing to the next phase. My experience with Vik to date: Very good service – friendly and helpful with” high level of technical understanding and competence. Listens to what I want, makes suggestions where appropriate and delivers very quickly.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a standard migration take?
The timescale for application migration varies depending on several factors. If the original data is of inferior quality, structure, or both, it may take substantial time. Some projects may only take one data load if the information is clear and easy to understand. Others can take 4 or 5 months, mainly when the provided data is poorly structured and needs multiple loads.
How will cloud migration help my business?
Migrating your age-old legacy applications, processes, and data to the cloud will help you tackle various business challenges like high operational costs and ineffective methods.
Our firm processes multiple transactions per minute; how do we make sure no data is lost during the migration?
When it comes to large and complex transactional systems, we don’t just switch from the old system to the new one. In such cases, we maintain a double write system with one copy on the cloud and an extra backup copy on-premises.
Should we completely migrate our workloads, or are there parts better left out of the cloud?
A common practice is to transfer the entire system to the cloud. However, third-party confidential data or software is excluded for security and compliance reasons.