QuickBooks to Zoho Books Migration- A Case Study

The Customer: In search of QuickBooks to Zoho Books migration service

The customer, a company that sells glass for residential and commercial constructions, approached Infomaze with a problem, a time-lag and the requirement of additional manpower hours in their business operations.

As they were using two different software for managing their Customer Relationship Management and their finances and our dedicated team overcame the issue with no interruptions in their day-to-day business by helping our client migrate from QuickBooks to Zoho Books.


The Challenge: An error-free migration from one online accounting software to another

The company had been using Zoho apps for managing its customer relationship management (CRM), Desk support, and marketing via Zoho CRM, Zoho desk, and campaigning.

Although, the accounting software that they had been using was QuickBooks. This resulted in a time-consuming process of managing their accounts as they had to shuttle between different software.

This process involved manually entering data from one data source to another, it was prone to errors that rendered our client at a high risk of encountering huge losses.

Also, as migrating from Quickbooks to Zoho Books was not simple as the customer had huge data pertaining to their finances of all sectors of their business, required careful planning and an extremely cautious execution and a trusted service provider like us helped calm our client nerves to go ahead with the elaborate process of QuickBooks to Zoho Books migration.

Their Requirements: Migration to suitable accounting software for business management

The company dealt with residential as well as commercial orders of glass for windows, and doors, to name a few which required them to maintain a disciplined, organized inventory and the transactions related to the same.

End-to-end process automation while processing and maintaining estimates, purchase orders, and invoices to their customers along with due consideration to the billable hours for glass installations, repairs, replacements, and maintenance.

As our client already had been using Zoho apps to maintain their CRM and campaigns, to name a few, they wanted us to configure Zoho Books apps including Zoho expense, Zoho Invoice, Zoho Inventory, Zoho payroll, and Zoho Subscriptions, after migrating all the data from their existing accounting software, QuickBooks to Zoho Books.

Technologies and tools used

Our skilled developers used ETL technology along with the suitable Zoho APIs available on the Zoho-cloud platform to conduct a seamless migration from the existing SaaS online accounting software to Zoho Books online.

The Solution: A successful migration to Zoho Books apps

Being a certified Zoho authorized partner for years, our developers handled the mapping of fields of our client business, the listing of transactions, and developing a new connection to their existing online accounting software, QuickBooks to export data easily, accurately, and in a time-efficient manner to Zoho Books.

The client, who was initially worried about losing data while data migration from QuickBooks to Zoho Books, could rest assured as our team took extreme care with planning the migration, testing the migration strategy before jumping into the actual migration to achieve a secure migration of data along with a successful implementation.


The Results: Our client benefited immensely from migrating to Zoho accounting software

The data migration enabled our client with easy access to the finances and the much-needed automation in maintaining it using Zoho finances.

As the need to manually enter data was completely eradicated, it not only saved time but also saved the company from any incurrence of loss due to manual-errors that might have occurred during data entry.

Thanks to the affordable Zoho Books price, the Zoho Books features available, and an effectual team that Infomaze provided, our client, as a cumulative effect could achieve an increased ROI by successful QuickBooks to Zoho Books migration.