Quality Assurance Testing Services

Achieve reduced regression cost and optimum utilization of resources with our end-to-end QA testing services

Effective QA testing is more than just a routine procedure and is one of the most critical steps in any software development process. At Infomaze, we offer a broad range of Quality Assurance and software testing services that are excellent, desirable, and of the highest quality.

Our QA testing specialists carefully examine your software’s quality for any bugs or defects and apply a unique software testing approach. Following this, we carry out multiple tests to ensure that the solution meets all your requirements regarding accuracy, efficiency, security, and scalability.

We have core expertise on all industry-leading tools, including Selenium, Ranorex, Appium, NeoLoad, Apache JMeter, Katalon, Watir, IronWASP, SQL map, ZAP (Zed attack proxy), Selendroid, Testdroid, and many more. Our Quality Assurance testing services include functional testing, compatibility testing, automation testing, end-to-end testing, vulnerability testing, UI testing, core testing, multi-tier testing, API testing, performance testing, security testing, stress testing, regression testing, and more. Additionally, our QA testers keep the client, project managers, developers, and business analysts in the loop during the entire process to ensure a successful implementation.


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Our Quality Assurance Testing Services

qualityFunctional testing - quality assurance software testing services assurance software testing services

Functional testing

With our QA testing services get advanced level functional testing includes unit testing, interface testing, system testing, regression testing, BETA testing, and more to prevent functionality defects, unexpected product behavior, thus enhancing a bug-free user experience.

Compatibility testing

Our Software compatibility testing is designed to perform compatibility checks on the applicant system to ensure the software smoothly runs on different databases, browsers, versions, and third-party applications.

Functional testing - quality assurance software testing services - Compatibility testing
Quality assurance Automation testing

Automation testing

We layout a clear automation testing roadmap using tools like Ranorex, Coded UI, Selenium, etc., that perfectly align with your system requirements. Our full-cycle automated testing enhances your business productivity and service quality. Get QA and testing services now.

End-to-end testing

The application flow is tested from start to end to detect dependencies and ensure the responsiveness between various components & systems. We look for reliability, security breaches, feature flaws, UI designs, source code authorizations, and much more with our quality assurance testing services.

Quality assurance End-to-end testing
Quality assurance Testing consulting

Test consulting

Our testing and Quality Assurance consultants follow the best approach and test strategies by leveraging cutting-edge tools & technologies. We let you know the proper testing protocol required to be conducted on your systems to keep them free from manual errors, bugs, and incompatibilities.

Vulnerability testing

We identify critical defects in the software, hardware, and network to protect the system from malicious attacks and viruses. We dynamically place our testing codes to check on cyberattacks, real-time vulnerabilities, and security authentication systems.

Vulnerability testing


  • Neo-Load
  • Apache Jmeter
  • LoadRunner
  • Selenium
  • Appium
  • Ranorex
  • Ketalon
  • Watir
  • Arachni
  • Wapiti
  • IronWASP
  • ZAP
  • Test-Project
  • Experitest
  • Seledroid
  • Testdroid
  • Web-Load
  • Test-IO
  • Postman

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How we work

Having expertise in multiple testing tools, we provide an array of QA testing services. Our consultants understand your working environment thoroughly and provide our quality assurance testers with the required inputs before coming up with a working strategy that suits your business needs perfectly.

How we will help

At Infomaze, our QA testers make sure you never face inconvenience from bugs, malware, or any inconsistencies in your application. Our quality assurance services will help you rest assured while your performance efficiency, profit margin, and ROI increase.


Share project requirements

Give us a call or drop us a mail to share your requirements and specifications for the project development.

Hire QA Testers

Screen our talent pool and choose from a list of our QA Testers’ profiles to work on your unique project.
Installment and Migration

Get the project completed

We will keep you in the loop during the entire development process from designing, coding, project management, and QA.
Testing and Deployment

QA & Testing

Once the project is complete, we will run meticulous QA (Quality Assurance) tests on your solution for a successful implementation.

Our Expertise in Quality assurance testing

Infomaze offers highly stringent quality assurance services across multiple industries. Domain experts perform end-to-end QA analysis with a structured project management system. Our process audits are designed to improve your work efficiency and optimize the business workflow.












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Why choose Infomaze for Quality Assurance services?

Enterprises worldwide trust Infomaze as their QA partner for sustained, scalable, and predictable results. Having been in the business for over 20+ years, we make sure that our QA testing services don’t just meet but exceed client expectations.

Through Quality Assurance testing services, our experienced testers run multiple tests on various scenarios to identify inconsistencies, errors, and redundancies in the early stages of the development cycle to deliver efficient and error-free solutions.

Our QA and testing services are not just limited to bug fixing, but we also specialize in defining business processes and their implementation, auditing, and training. We focus on improving user experience across all platforms, implementing best practices to mitigate any risks or additional costs, and helping clients achieve high ROI.

Our Happy Customers


“I was very happy with the promises made and, more importantly, delivered. Quality code. Neat and organized. Ace assisted with the last tweaks to ensure I was a happy client. I would be happy to work with them again on my next project.”



“Infomaze is the best technology partner any business could ask for, they go above and beyond to satisfy my business needs and they will do research and develop anything you need. I will never switch to any other company, may your success be our success! P.S. Gaj is the best.”



“Vic and the team at Infomaze are absolutely awesome to work with. Their price was fair and their professionalism is top notch. They spent more time waiting on me than I did them, and they were patient and courteous every step of the way. I would  definitely recommend hiring them , and I will continue to use them for my future projects”



“The project thus far was not complicated and we are continuing to the next phase. My experience with Vik to date: Very good service – friendly and helpful with” high level of technical understanding and competence. Listens to what I want, makes suggestions where appropriate and delivers very quickly.



Frequently Asked Questions

How skilled and experienced are your QA testers?
Our QA testers have worked on several hundreds of projects for businesses of all sizes and types and always keep themselves updated with the latest technology trends to build advanced business solutions.
What is your standard duration to test a project?
Usually, a testing process may take up to 2 business days to complete. However, there is no fixed time for any project, as it entirely depends on the project’s size, type, number of test cases, and bugs.
Do you offer custom testing options?
We do end-to-end testing for your software applications. Our other testing services include localization testing, database testing, integration testing, component testing, and platform testing.
How secure is my data shared with Infomaze?
We are an ISO 9001:2015 complaint company and sign NDA documents with our clients and employees to secure and maintain information confidentiality.