Meet Our Team

The Team behind the Beautiful Success

Meet the team consisting of backbones of Infomaze who have been with it right from the scratch

Infomaze offers data-driven business intelligence solutions that are sustainable, scalable, and cost-effective. Our business intelligence consultants assist organizations to extract, manage, and analyze data to make critical business decisions. We offer an integrated and analytical approach with our in-depth technical knowledge and industry expertise.


Vikash Bardia

With more than 20 years of experience in the IT field, with expertise in business intelligence, analytics, automation & marketing, he has taken the responsibility of delivering only the best by meeting every expectation of his customers and exceeding it. With great experience comes the knowledge of understanding the dynamics of all industry verticals. Since the inception of Infomaze in 2002, as a founder, he has led the company to its growth today and set its roots in Mysore while delivering top-notch services and solutions worldwide.

Mamta Bardia

A true mentor who partakes and provides valuable administrative inputs to its strategic growth has stood by Infomaze every step of the way. She is true to her position and has always been supportive forthcoming with her administrative offerings.


Gajendra Singh

With his unmatchable expertise in the IT industry, he has served Infomaze since its initiation and has driven all of our projects towards success. He carries out the responsibilities of aligning the standards of Infomaze, the customer's expectation, and achieving all the above while making sure everything remains hassle-free. He has stood as a coach and true support to the companies employees, concerning anything IT, providing innovative solutions.