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Manage all your business assets with the reliable and flexible asset management solution from Infomaze that is customized to fit

No matter what business you are into, you will have many assets (fixed or consumables) and these frame the direction of your business. It is important to keep track of these assets and use them wisely for optimal benefits of the organization.

If you have a crucial task that needs to be attended to, you end up finding alternatives to get it done as you feel the need to be present in your office premises. With Asset Management Solution from Infomaze, you can access data from literally anywhere, all you need is an internet connection.

With drastic and persistent changes in technology, you must safeguard your IT assets to get the most out of them and for a long time. With more and more companies opting for modern methods to stay smart about their software choices, multi tasking solutions that even work for non-IT assets are on a rising trend.

Infomaze provides multipurpose asset management software that lets you manage:

  • Physical Assets – tables, keyboards, mouse, scanners, web cams, laptops, desktops and others
  • Digital Assets – software, files, images, videos and other paperless documents

The possibilities that you can use this solution for, are endless. How it helps:

  • Store and manage all physical and digital assets in one place – works wonderfully for IT assets
  • Allow other trusted staff to login to the software solution with separate login credentials
  • Inventory Management – count of all assets that are part of inventory is displayed in real-time
  • Asset Tracking – ensures that you keep track of leased out assets in real time. This helps follow up with clients
  • Access from anywhere you are, you don’t have to be physically present in your office to use the asset management solution

You do not need a separate software for every module, even as far as support is concerned. Support is provided FREE of cost and we believe this should always be the case. Being cloud-based, it allows you to manage assets from anywhere while saving cost and pressure of server maintenance.

The asset management solution is carefully created after thorough analysis of your requirements. The output is a highly customized solution that you can use seamlessly.

Contact Infomaze to get an asset management solution to handle all assets of your organization and get the most out of them; manage them optimally. 

Asset Management Solution India

A software company that has been involved in the industry for many years and has good amount of experience is always what you should opt for.

Solutions that can only be accessed with username and password ensures high level of security if your business data.