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Being a collection of various JavaScript technologies, it is necessary that a MEAN stack developer is well versed with all of them. The acronym MEAN stands for MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS and Node.js. A MEAN stack is similar to a full stack, except for the difference in technologies used with these stacks.

As the technologies used are more suited for smaller projects, a MEAN developer is best suited for small to medium projects. MEAN methodology is popular due to its usage of the most dynamic JavaScript technologies.

MEAN carries out the entire development process using only JavaScript, both front-end and back-end without requiring any other technology. It is also a full-stack development toolkit.

Our MEAN stack developers have previously worked on the following projects (web applications):

  • Property management projects
  • CMS projects
  • Databases

Our MEAN Stack developers have the knowledge of:

Of course, MEAN!

  • MongoDB (database)
  • js (web framework)
  • AngularJS (frontend framework)
  • js (server platform)

Why you should choose to hire from Infomaze:

  • Every developer signs a NDA with Infomaze. Also, Infomaze signs NDA with all its clients – making it safe and secure for the client to invest in.
  • Solutions for all leading OS for both web & mobile solutions.
  • Experience counts! And Infomaze only has developers who have learnt over time and attained expertise through hard work.
  • You get what you expect! Great communication involves good understanding of clients’ views and our developers have just that.
  • They will even suggest the best way to perform a task if you may have opted for a less reliable one without knowledge.
  • Once you hire a developer, we assure you that they are only committed to your project/s. Better concentration equals better output.
  • You get to interview them before you choose them if you are confident of coding and other technical aspects.
  • If you have no technical idea, fret not! We will get you the best candidate based on your preferences (and availability of the developer, of course!)
  • Last but not the least, all services that we offer are affordable!

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MEAN Full Stack Developer - Hire

Offshore services allow you to get the work done from afar while getting constant and regular updates about your project.

Our developers are highly trained and the work they deliver is outstanding. They go to great extent to ensure the same.