Practice Management Solution for Therapists

Personalized practice management IT solution created specifically for use by the healthcare sector

Infomaze has had an opportunity to work with quite a few Health Service Providers from different parts of the world, and is especially proud of its services in this sector. Here is a small overview of our products:

Practice Management Solution for Therapists

What our clients needed from us was an all-round solution that would take care of all complexities included in manually maintaining various records of every patient. Each note, each record about all patients was and still is very important, and cannot be afforded to lose.

Infomaze was asked to develop a software solution that was meant exclusively for the healthcare industry.

The important features include:

  • Individual and group session management;
  • Scheduling/Calendar Option for appointments;
  • Patient assessment notes and document generation based on those assessments;
  • Electronic insurance claims tightly integrated within the system;
  • Customized reporting;
  • Payment processing along with independent tracking of insurance and patient balances;
  • Treatment Plans;
  • Clinical Assessments;
  • Quick ‘patient search’ features;
  • Easily record and track medications;
  • Access from anywhere, even from an iPhone or PDA cell phone!
  • Crystal Report functionality to generate reports.

The client has been hugely benefited from this and highly satisfied with our service. Talk to us to know how you can start getting yourself organized or to know more about streamlining your workflow with the help of our software solution.

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Solutions for Healthcare

Have no confusion with records of patients. Quickly find out if history exists with the easy search.

Have many users use the same solution. This way, if there was staff replacement, workflow wouldn’t be affected.