Cloud-based Form Builder that can be used from anywhere

Modern online and dynamic form builder that is as easy to create as it is to use

Dynamic Form Builder is a solution from Infomaze that helps you create online forms for your website or web application. The solution is easy to use, dynamic in nature and you can see your form taking shape as you add the elements and its attributes.

Online Dynamic Form Builder is a useful tool especially for clients where:

  • Form needs to be built more frequently;
  • Form elements keep changing;
  • Many forms must be built and clients do not want to engage a developer to build forms on a frequent basis;
  • The same forms can be embedded on multiple sites or platforms and have a common place of viewing the data;
  • Web based, easy-to-use tool.

Infomaze’s Dynamic Form Builder offers a solution to all of the requirements stated above. The Form Builder has the following features:

  • Web-based Form Builder. Access and build forms on the fly;
  • Create form by choosing the options and element fields and seeing them in action on the same screen;
  • Create the following fields in the form:
    • Single line text field
    • Multi-line or paragraph text field
    • Selection box with options to have predefined values or use custom values
    • List box allowing end user to select more than one choice. Again, with option to have predefined values or use custom values
    • Tick box options – with predefined or custom values
    • Radio button – with predefined or custom values
    • File upload – with restriction to upload a certain type of file and limit the file size
    • Insert tabular form – helpful in taking survey or opinions
    • Distribute form fields across multiple pages;
  • Apart from the above fields, system also has pre-configured fields such as:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Date
    • Email
    • Website
    • Phone
    • Currency;
  • All the fields further have design and validation options:
    • You can define width of a field
    • Max characters allowed
    • Required or Not Required fields
    • Allow duplicate entries
    • Placement of the field etc.;
  • Create one field and also copy the same field to quickly create another field. Useful when you have a big form with similar fields;
  • Drag-drop to re-order the fields;
  • Option of receiving fields in a database or sending the field’s value to an email address;
  • Export Form Submission in PDF format;
  • Run reports on the form submission;
  • Archive, copy, edit, deactivate forms;
  • New Feature in development – Mapping your existing database with Form Builder.

Form Builder is a highly useful tool and can be used in any industry including:

  • Medical for patient record, notes and other treatment specific detailed forms;
  • Educational for job applications and saving time in manual data entry;
  • Contact Us form for websites;
  • Request for Quote form for any industry;
  • Survey, polls and opinions;
  • Online examination, evaluation and tests;
  • Pre-flight checks for service industry. Useful for project manager to check technicians and engineers on site;
  • On-site recording of checks or fixed field info recording and many more.

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Dynamic Form Builder

Bigger data needs better management. Only a modern solution can cater to modern needs, customization is a key factor too.

A dynamic solution will cater to constant changing needs. Create one or multiple-page forms with ease.