Educational eLearning CMS and Intranet Solution

Efficient and reliable Intranet and CMS solutions for eLearning designed for educational institutions

Infomaze’s educational solution for schools, colleges and other institutions is based on a simple Content Management System and intranet system. It is important for these institutions to have a dynamic website to manage changes in content, course information, academic policies, rules, admission procedures and other important information. Our easy to use solution is the answer to all of these requirements.

Case Study

Infomaze worked with a premier educational institution in South Africa to upgrade it to a more dynamic platform.

Existing setup of the institution prior to using our solution was as such:

  • Old style of static site (Web 1.0)
  • Updates to the site only via development team
  • No regular updates to the website
  • No common updates for all the various schools under that Institution
  • No search engine pages.

Infomaze, along with its channel partner in South Africa drafted a plan to take the solution to next level and a complete web-based Content Management System was planned with multi-level access. We used Umbraco CMS and the results were phenomenal. The solution included:

  • Modern looking Web 2.0 design with mobile and tablets compatibility;
  • Homepage slider to focus on key developments of the Institution;
  • Running news ticker to showcase latest news and events info;
  • Separate section for School, Parent, Learner and Investor;
  • Separate URL and info for schools from different districts;
  • Dynamic sub items for each school; each school can have different level of information, course or other information;
  • Multi-level security in the admin area of the Content Management System;
  • Option to manage content, media, keywords, tags etc;
  • Option to embed third party feature like Google Maps etc;
  • Easy to Use, fast and Search Engine friendly.

The team is also working on creating an intranet system for the parent to perform a host of things including paying fees for academic-related as well as general events. The parent will have access to personalized notes and events information.

Apart from the Content Management Solution, Infomaze has also worked on an Online Examination System. This system was used by an institute to take its learning and examinations to the web. The highlights of the solution were:

  • Web-based Online Learning and Examination Module;
  • Option to create single or multiple courses;
  • Course can further have subject/topics;
  • Subject topics can further have (optional) lessons;
  • Learning is more through paragraphs, media, images and questions/answer formats;
  • Examinations can be out of all or selected subjects/topics;
  • Questions and choices are randomized so no two users see the same set;
  • User can take up an examination once or multiple times as per admin settings;
  • Results are displayed on the screen and can be exported in PDF format;
  • Option for Admin to have multi-level access in building the course;
  • Instructors can be added by the admin to create subject/topics related to their expertise;
  • Manage course, subscriptions, payments, users and their performance;
  • Customized reporting feature.

Please get in touch with us to discuss your existing educational project or new ideas for web based educational solution.

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