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Affordable Business Intelligence Solutions

Importance of BI for a business and how it helps put the right things in the right place to help its growth

Infomaze India provides services to any company and keeps expanding the horizons of these services to cater better to the needs of clients. Intelligence tools are taking over the business market by a great margin and thus information technology companies including Infomaze have been concentrating on finding improved solutions every day. In our case, if we cannot find anything, we create it! And this does not happen until we have trained our relevant personnel with the best of knowledge and providing them with everything that is needed to build the perfect intelligence tool.

As the amount of data is growing it’s important that a company has set up some business intelligence team in place to read through the raw data to streamline and polish it in a way to render it useful. This data must then be presented in a way to help stakeholders make the best possible strategic as well as tactical decisions. This intelligence service in turn helps profitability as it is rendered comprehensible.

Data integration and data quality tools cleanse raw data from different systems before they can be used in BI applications.

BI systems are especially helpful in identifying market trends at a given point of time and figure out problems that need addressing. Infomaze uses Predictive Analysis, Graphical Dashboards and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) in building BI solutions to name a few techniques.

An outdated BI solution burdens you rather than helping you. It is mandatory to choose a solution that is modern and can handle real problems. Infomaze looks at the broader perspective and creates intelligence solutions that do not just fit great for the current trends, but foresee many years into the future as well. We want you to use our solution (with upgrades as relevant, of course!) for as many years as possible and not just switch to a new one in a year or so!

A smart BI solution gets you predictive insights of your company with the help of gathered and sorted data. It allows you to respond to business opportunities and on the other hand issues, quickly and get to the next required step. 

We have built our in-house tools and have used other online tools such as:

  • YellowFin BI
  • Tableau
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Pentaho BI

The complexity in the dynamic marketplace has increased multi-fold as there is a data overload everywhere. A BI tool helps any enterprise to take fact-based decisions rapidly, by presenting the data in a manner that anyone can understand. Benefits of BI include faster and improved decision-making, optimizing internal business processes, increased business operational efficiency and helping with increased revenues. BI solution helps in giving your business rivals a tough competition and stay ahead of the game.  

Go through our case study to find out how our solution catered to all concerns of one of our clients:

BI Solution for a Supply Chain Company

Resources on your preferred engagement model – Infomaze follows a set of processes to ensure the resources that we offer our customers are optimal.

Infomaze has reached expertise over the years that is a result of its ever expanding knowledge, one step at a time, on extensive tools and methodologies in India and overseas. Business Intelligence Services provided by Infomaze in India are therefore an output of smooth expertise. The company also provides offshore services.

These BI solutions created in India include a comprehensive reporting system that wards off your doubts regarding any data validity. 

The cloud-based solutions offered by the company are hosted on a virtual network where your data is secure.

Data Visualization

Data might not always be easy to interpret just in the form of text, even more so in case of complex data. A good idea in such cases would be to represent that data in terms of easy to grasp models such as graphs or pictures. This is termed as ‘Data Visualization’ where you literally visualize data in a more readable format. Data visualization forms a part of the data analysis process.

Data visualization plays a major role when incorporated into BI techniques. Visual data always holds a bigger weightage than just textual data. Read more details on data visualization here. 

The modern and smart BI techniques used by Infomaze use data visualization to a great extent as we understand that our clients want to reach out to as many of their customers as possible. Opting for our services will help your business turnaround in just a short time!

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Business Intelligence Techniques

Raw data consists of every piece of unrefined data. It is the basis on which you get info that will be highly useful for your business. 

BI is applied with the help of various tools and techniques that help make the best use of gathered information.