The Customer


The customer is a leading U.S based supply chain and logistics company that facilitates the storage and sale of goods from third-party vendors.


The Challenge


The supply chain and logistics company needed the ability to ingest, analyze, and report on large volumes of new and updated data from various sources. They needed the ability to quickly process complex data in a timely and efficient manner. Because supply chains are technologically and logistically complicated, it was getting hard for the firm to oversee the process. Their primary issue was to develop a solution that allowed them to capture and organize extensive data in such a way that it could be analyzed and developed into consolidated reports.

Before contacting Infomaze, they were manually handling massive amounts of business data, requiring complicated and time-consuming processes that left their systems vulnerable to compromised performance. Their existing reporting system caused a lot of confusion and struggled to provide reliable, timely, and useful information to the organization.

With two disconnected BI efforts, they faced a series of problems like conflicted reports; confidential information was accessible to many people, a high degree of manual intervention, and more. Without fully automated systems, the unstructured data made it impossible for our client to manage their day-to-day activities. They wanted to not only integrate their business processes but also to transmit data to their clients and suppliers using their own custom software.

Their requirements were to:
  • Improve the availability and accuracy of company data
  • Assimilate a variety of source software packages and operational systems
  • Add a BI portal specifically designed for real estate and financial organizations
  • Integrate the BI and reporting platform with their own custom software systems
  • Implement a geographical security model, so authorized resources were seeing only the data they were supposed to see.
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At Infomaze, we don’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk and understand the complexities of modern-day business processes. Given the firm’s rapid customer growth, we built a scalable and cost-effective BI reporting system without incurring additional licensing or hardware. To ensure scalability and short query response time, our BI implementation team built a robust solution to suit the client’s unique requirements.

We planned, developed, documented, and deployed new ETL processes, data marts, and dashboards to ease data access for the end-users. We used SAP reporting tools to standardize, automate, and consolidate their data and merged them with their existing CRM to enable them to do structured reporting based on various parameters. Our BI experts performed a complete audit of the supply chain company’s existing reports and consumer data to thoroughly understand their requirements.

Added to that, we helped them move to a BI system that restricted free and complete access to data and provided a relevant training course to their employees.


Tools and technologies used

  • Citrix


  • Microsoft SQL server

    Microsoft SQL

  • Oracle database

    Oracle database

  • Klipfolio


  • Microsoft Power BI

    Microsoft Power BI

  • Pentaho


  • QlikView


  • Sisense



Business Intelligence and Data Analysis Technologies
    • Increased operational efficiency.
    • Enhanced client satisfaction.
    • Improved end-user adoption.
    • 100% transparency.
    • Overcoming obstacles.
    • Executive engagement.

With the guidance and support of Infomaze’s certified BI consultants, the supply chain company reached new business heights. As a result of the BI implementation, the client realized measurable savings in hardware, software licensing, IT support, and administration expenses.


The BI system ensured that all information had undergone a thorough audit process. Their data was automated for the first time in the company’s history. This meant they could have a more structured reporting platform. The new system is not only more secure and reliable but is also much simpler to maintain because of the auditing resources built into the platform.

The BI system can also be used as a tool to examine a client’s competitive environment, revealing where they fall in the market as compared to their competitors and giving more visibility into their data.