Hire Azure DevOps Engineers

Hire Azure DevOps Engineers

Hire Azure DevOps Engineers from Infomaze and get an efficiency makeover for your Dev and Ops team.

The right Azure DevOps Engineer can turn your chaotic workflow into a harmoniously synced, efficient one and eliminate silos between your Dev and Ops team. Avoid the hassle from hiring freelance DevOps engineers and instead hire Azure DevOps Engineers from Infomaze and automate your application development process seamlessly with the best Microsoft Azure DevOps services.

Always stay ahead of your competitors by designing, building, testing, and releasing your error-free applications with significantly lower turnaround time with the help of the Azure DevOps policies and practices that our remote DevOps engineers carefully choose specifically for your company.

Hire Azure DevOps Engineers

The expertise that our Azure DevOps engineer has to offer is unmatchable, as it is gained over years of experience providing agile project management with azure DevOps and help you bring the best Azure DevOps benefits your way using the Azure DevOps features including Azure Board, Azure Pipeline, Azure Repos, Azure Artifact, Azure Test plans, and Azure Monitor and provide the best Microsoft azure DevOps solutions.

Get FREE consultation

Hire our Azure DevOps Engineers to get the best services that include

Zoho Certified Consultation

Azure DevOps Kubernetes services (AKS)

Hire Azure DevOps from Infomaze to manage your containerized environment effectively from their health and access, and help you gain unparalleled CI/CD experience by automating the process of defining, debugging, deploying, and upgrading your Kubernetes applications.

Zoho Certified Consultation

Azure Continuous Integration

By providing the right criteria for maintenance consistencies, our Azure DevOps team of engineers come up with a strategy for the smooth integration of all of your codes present on different shared repositories and the tools you need to build with your on-premises server or cloud and help detect any issues early in the process of development and troubleshooting it.

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Azure Continuous Delivery

Along with your Azure Continuous Integration, by strategizing the workflow pipeline, our Azure DevOps engineers help you automate and deliver the developed product for quality assurance and stage, for testing the build and packaging an error-free product for deployment.

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Azure DevOps Migration Services

From planning to making it happen, our Azure DevOps team takes care of all aspects of your migration, be it from your on-premises Team Foundation Server (TFS) to the online Azure DevOps server or help you with migrating from a legacy Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) version to the latest Azure DevOps version.

Zoho Certified Consultation

Azure DevOps Implementation

Our team stands by you from strategizing the workflow pipeline until the successful implementation of the same, all through, and help sort any complications that might appear in the process.

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Azure DevOps Training

The Azure DevOps team at Infomaze provides the best cloud-based training to your skilled workforce. It guarantees the smooth running of the Azure DevOps practices and policies incorporated in your business.

Our flexible Engagement module to Hire Azure DevOps engineers

We value quality work and only offer our best, experienced Azure DevOps engineers for hire to assist your project and provide different engagement modules to choose from. Depending on the project requirement, be it for planning services, managed or monitoring services, and implementation services, we provide on-site deployment, off-site deployment, or a hybrid engagement module along with regular project tracking for billable hours. Our engagement modules include

Hire Azure DevOps on project basis

Project basis: As per your project requirement, you can opt for the Azure DevOps team that you want to work on your project from its start to its completion. You are always welcome to scale-up or de-scale the team as per the project requirement.

Hire Azure DevOps based on an hourly process

Monthly/daily/hourly basis: We have fixed packages for you to choose from, which lets you hire our Azure DevOps engineers on a monthly, daily, or hourly basis, depending on what your project demands.

Hire Azure DevOps on demand.

On-demand basis: Pre-buy our support and let us know a few hours in advance and hire the developer of your choice on short notice as and when your project demands it.

The Azure DevOps project management process our DevOps Engineers follow:

Microsoft Azure DevOps structure
Assessment of the ALM Our highly knowledgeable Azure DevOps engineers from Infomaze, who is a Microsoft cloud solutions provider, will sit with you and understand the workflow accurately before coming up with Azure DevOps policy that suits your business precisely.
Azure DevOps Practices With an excessively accurate assessment in hand, we strategize and structure a plan to automate the process of designing, development, build and testing, upgrades, and deployment of your applications with the right methodology and tools.
Azure DevOps Implementation We welcome your feedback and include all the recommended changes in the Azure practices, if any, and implement a well-tested plan into action successfully with super-efficient turnaround time with a guarantee of Azure DevOps security and Azure DevOps testing.
Azure DevOps training To successfully implement Azure DevOps policy, we train your team to achieve faster releases of all your products into the marketplace and help you stay ahead of your competitors, along with 24*7 to provide support and maintenance.

Why choose Infomaze to Hire Azure DevOps Engineers for your company?

To hire Azure DevOps engineers from Infomaze is one way for you to rest assured that the Azure solutions provided will be in your business’s best interest. Our dedicated DevOps team stays updated when it comes to the Microsoft Azure DevOps environment and provides first-in-class Microsoft cloud services.

Our DevOps engineers are capable of handling any complicated workflow and come up with a CI/CD pipeline that enhances your performance efficiency, effectively. Being proficient, our engineers can handle any platform from .NET and Java for developing to using AWS Codedeploy and Jenkins, to name a few for deployment. Given below are a few more reasons for you to consider why choosing Infomaze’s Azure DevOps engineer’s. Or further read about how you can benefit from our Azure DevOps services here

Hire Azure DevOps Engineers from Infomaze
Timely delivery

Timely and quick delivery

Cost effective


Round the clock support

Round the clock support

DevOps structure

Best DevOps organization structure

Hiring Modules

Multiple hiring options

Technical skills you can procure by hiring our Azure DevOps engineers

  • Cloud Platform: Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, AWS EC2, AWS Config, VPC, ELB, RDS, Route 53, ECS, Cloud formation, and Docker.
  • Environment: Kubernetes, AWS, .Net, Azure, Open Stack, Docker, Terraform, GIT, Python, PowerShell, XL Release, XL Deploy, Kafka, Redis, VMware, Jenkins, Ansible, SVN, Puppet, Open Stack, Jira, Maven, VSTS, Apache Tomcat Application Server, Salt stack.
  • Operating Systems: Windows A|X, Ubuntu, Linux Red Hat, Linux Centos, Unix.
  • Virtualization Tools: Docker, Kubernetes, VM Virtual Box, and VMware.
  • Web/Application Servers: Apache Tomcat, IIS, Web Logic, Web Sphere and JBOSS
  • Monitoring Tools: Nagios, Cloud watch, Jira, VSTS
  • Build Tools: Ant, Maven, NAnt, MS Build, Gradle, Terraform.
  • Version Control Tools: GIT, SVN, TFS.
  • Automation Tools: Jenkins/Hudson and Build Forge.
  • Configuration Tools: Chef, Puppet, and Ansible.


How skilled are your developers?

Our Azure DevOps team has worked on several complex DevOps projects of all business sizes and types. Our DevOps engineers always keep themselves updated with the latest technology trends and build advanced business solutions.

What is the standard duration to develop a DevOps project?

The project duration varies depending on factors including project code size, migrations, project complexity, and dependencies, if any involved. But, we promise to deliver high-quality solutions in break-neck speed.

Is the consulting services that you offer available for free of cost?

Yes, we do offer our Azure DevOps consultation for free.

Do you charge for aftersales support and maintenance?

We offer our support and maintenance services for free of cost unless there are significant implementations involved.

Can I track the development of the project regularly?

We welcome and encourage you to review and give your inputs regularly, and we act on it with no room for delays.

Are your engagement modules flexible?

Yes, at Infomaze, we offer a flexible engagement module as per your project requirement.

Can we use your resources for our project?

Yes, we prefer working on-site as our infrastructure supports and provides all the resources required for project completion. But, if your project requires on-site deployment, we will make that happen too.