Microsoft Azure DevOps Services

Efficiently combine your “Dev” and “Ops” team and build top-notch apps with the help of our Microsoft Azure DevOps Services.

Turn every app that you develop into a success with the assistance of our Microsoft Azure DevOps services and our excellent Azure DevOps team. Get our Azure DevOps consulting services to know what your company lacks and needs to improve the performance efficiency to achieve a higher speed of development, cost-effective applications with 100% customer satisfaction.

With our expertise, we first understand the complexities of your workflow process and come up with the right Application lifecycle management (ALM) solution that precisely suits your business. Effective communication for efficient collaboration between the development and operation team to carry out a seamless task from design initiation, developing, testing, and deployment to upgrades can occur only when the Azure DevOps project management tools are used appropriately.

Overall, with a good DevOps organization structure, you transform your business to the next level by increasing agility and visibility to all aspects of your software applications’ development and deployment processes. You get top-notch agile project management with Azure DevOps solutions. Read more about Azure DevOps benefits and how our Microsoft Azure DevOps services help boost your business growth if you are new to the concept. Are you unsure what BI service would best suit your business? Feel free to get in touch with us and our BI experts will guide you through.

Our Microsoft Azure DevOps Services include

Azure DevOps Kubernetes services

Azure DevOps Kubernetes services (AKS)

Let us configure your Kubernetes for an optimized CI/CD pipeline experience by defining the Azure policy to help manage your containers, including their access, health and automate the process of defining, deploying, debugging, and upgrading your Kubernetes applications.

Azure Continuous Integration

Our Azure DevOps team will set up a strategy for the smooth integration of all of your codes present on different shared repositories, the tools you need to build, by providing the criteria for maintenance consistencies with your on-premises server or cloud, to help you detect any issues early in the process of development and troubleshooting it.

Azure Continuous Integration
Azure Continuous Delivery

Azure Continuous Delivery

Along with your Azure Continuous Integration, we help strategize the workflow pipeline to help you deliver the developed the product for quality assurance and stage, for testing the build and packaging an error-free product for deployment.

Azure DevOps Migration Services

Our team is capable of handling a smooth migration from your on-premises Team Foundation Server (TFS) to the online Azure DevOps server or help you with migrating from a legacy Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) version to the latest Azure DevOps version.

Azure DevOps Migration Services
Azure DevOps Implementation

Azure DevOps Implementation

Our team stands by you from strategizing the workflow pipeline until the successful implementation of the same, all through, and help sort any complications that might appear in the process.

Java is another object-oriented programming language. The main advantage of using Java is that it can run on multiple platforms. Java is also the best suited for use on the internet/world wide web (www).

Azure DevOps Training

The Azure DevOps team at Infomaze provides the best cloud-based training to your skilled workforce. It guarantees the smooth running of the Azure DevOps practices and policies incorporated in your business.

Azure DevOps Training

Do you want a no-obligation, Creditcard less consultation?

Get in touch for a free consultation, discuss your unique project workflow details, and hire our Microsoft Azure DevOps team from Infomaze to build custom Azure DevOps practices/policy’s that fit your business processes perfectly.

The process our Azure DevOps team follows to provide the Microsoft Azure DevOps Services


Assessment of the ALM

As a Microsoft cloud solutions provider, our highly knowledgeable developers sit with you to understand the ins and outs of your workflow before coming up with Azure DevOps policy that suits your business accurately.

Azure DevOps Practices

With the complete assessment in hand, we next move on to strategizing and structuring a plan from the right methodology and tools to use and automate the process of designing, development, build and testing, upgrades, and deployment of your applications.

Azure DevOps Implementation

With your feedback and including the recommended changes, if any, we next implement the plan into action and implement Azure DevOps successfully with super-efficient turnaround time.

Azure DevOps Training

We make sure you are familiarized with the Azure DevOps policy implemented and train your team to achieve faster releases of all your products into the marketplace and help you stay ahead of your competitors. Our Azure DevOps team is available 24*7 to provide support and maintenance.

The Microsoft Azure DevOps noteworthy features include

Azure DashBoard​

Azure Board

A great customizable dashboard, from team dashboards, Kanban boards, to reporting dashboards, lets you plan, organize, track, and discuss the task in hand.

Azure Pipeline

Incorporate Azure policy and practices that accurately suit your business processes for a custom CI/CD pipeline to build, test and deploy your applications

Azure Pipeline​
Azure Repos​

Azure Repos

Get secure access to an unlimited, cloud-hosted GIT repository and version controls for efficient code building, API, or webhooks integrations using any IDE and a sematic file management system.

Azure Artifacts

Share, store, and protect code packages while seamlessly integrating new code packages into the CI/CD pipeline to build and release your applications speedily.

Azure Artifacts
Azure Monitor Management tool

Azure Monitor

Increase your visibility of the overall IT infrastructure solutions with live metrics obtained from the Azure Monitor Management tools and bring about Infrastructure automation and configuration and high agility in your business.

Azure Test Plans

It provides efficient tools to test manually and exploratorily, before the release of your applications, and helps you stay 100% sure of your products’ quality.

Azure Test Plans​

How we work

We render services to all business types or sizes and look forward to expanding our horizons for a satisfied clientele. Business Intelligence and data analysis tools are taking over the business market, and we have been focusing on finding improved solutions every single day. In our case, if we cannot find anything, we create it! And this does not happen until we have adequately trained our staff with the best of knowledge and expertise to build a suitable solution.

How we will help

We provide BI and big data analysis solutions that help organizations to analyze and make the best use of their business data in terms of cost, accurate decisions, customer experience, and maximizing profits. We want you to use our services for as many years as possible and not just switch to a new one in a year or so!


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Give us a call or drop us a line and share your creative web ideas to let us understand your exact specifications.

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Installment and Migration

Get the project completed

We will keep you in the loop during the entire development process from designing, coding, project management, and QA.
Testing and Deployment

QA & Testing

Once the project is complete, we will run meticulous QA (Quality Assurance) tests on your solution for a successful implementation.
choose the Azure DevOps organization structure

Why should you choose the Azure DevOps organization structure?

The Principles and practices that Azure DevOps incorporates allow companies to work collectively and collaboratively using the different features available in the Azure DevOps platform. Bridging the gap between the development and the operation teams decreases the time required to develop, increases the frequency of deployments, with repeated testing in between, until the application is error-free, making the end-user 100% satisfactory. With the overall increase in performance efficiency that automation with Azure DevOps brings, you can exponentially grow in your business.

Microsoft Azure DevOps Services for all kinds of Marketplace segments

Infomaze offers full-cycle ALM with the help of our Azure DevOps team and provides Azure DevOps services to bring about automation in application development for all industry verticals from SMEs to large enterprises. As a matter of fact, we can build solutions for any industry as long as we have the right inputs.












Real Estate




Law Firms

Microsoft Azure DevOps services

Why choose Infomaze’s Microsoft Azure DevOps services as your choice.

With the expertise and the experience our Azure DevOps teams possess, no workflow is sophisticated enough for us to create a seamless CI/CD pipeline for your application designing, development, testing, deployment, and enhancements. Utilizing the Azure DevOps, the managing and monitoring services that we render, you can rest assured that the whole of your IT infrastructure’s application lifecycle management (ALM) is taken care of exceptionally.

Hire Azure DevOps Engineers from infomaze who are proficient in working with different platforms including Java, .Net, among many, providing version control using the large Azure DevOps repository for your application development, deployments using CI’s including Jenkin, AWS Codedeploy, to name a few into the Azure cloud environment, backed up by Microsoft’s security policy.

With the expertise and the experience our Azure DevOps team With us, you can get an error-free, smooth migration from your on-premises to the Visual Studios Team Services (VSTS) or the Azure DevOps cloud environment. It does not end there as we provide Azure DevOps training along with successful implementation, along with 24*7 cloud-based support and maintenance

Microsoft Azure DevOps service provider

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“I was very happy with the promises made and, more importantly, delivered. Quality code. Neat and organized. Ace assisted with the last tweaks to ensure I was a happy client. I would be happy to work with them again on my next project.”



“Infomaze is the best technology partner any business could ask for, they go above and beyond to satisfy my business needs and they will do research and develop anything you need. I will never switch to any other company, may your success be our success! P.S. Gaj is the best.”



“Vic and the team at Infomaze are absolutely awesome to work with. Their price was fair and their professionalism is top notch. They spent more time waiting on me than I did them, and they were patient and courteous every step of the way. I would  definitely recommend hiring them , and I will continue to use them for my future projects”



“The project thus far was not complicated and we are continuing to the next phase. My experience with Vik to date: Very good service – friendly and helpful with” high level of technical understanding and competence. Listens to what I want, makes suggestions where appropriate and delivers very quickly.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is your standard duration to develop a project?
The project duration varies depending on factors including project code size, migrations, project complexity, and dependencies if any involved. But, we promise to deliver high-quality solutions in break-neck speed.
Do you provide training after implementation?
Yes, we do. We make sure your skilled team is familiarized to achieve a successful Azure DevOps implementation.
Is the consulting services that you offer available for free of cost?
Yes, we do offer our Azure DevOps consultation for free.
How skilled are your developers?
Our Azure DevOps team has worked on several complex DevOps projects for businesses of all sizes and types and always keep themselves updated with the latest technology trends and build advanced business solutions.