Best Mobile Business Apps Creation in India

No matter what your business is, our talented development team in India will ensure that you can take it on the go!

We understand how busy life can get, especially if you own or manage a business. You need to access your app on the go, given that most businesses require a lot of traveling. Fret not, our offshore software development center in India can get you covered! Infomaze is one of the best companies in India that designs mobile apps for all types of businesses to make life on the move easier.

We believe that although building an app needs great technical knowledge, a great mobile app must also be great with the user meaning it should be easy to use. According to us, building an app also requires dedication and passion with of course, expertise. These apps also run great on tablets.

The mobile apps team consists of not only expert developers but also expert designers  in perfect rhythm to ensure an amazing user experience. Get yourself a dedicated team that will be working on your project alone and give it their complete commitment with Infomaze.

Cloud-based apps created in India by team Infomaze safeguard your data and allow resources to be scalable take technology to a whole new level. The end result? You have got yourself an efficient app that is a lot more than you had expected.

We provide the team rigorous training  before they work on live projects so they are well versed with all the basic technologies such as HTML and JavaScript. As for ongoing basis, they are constantly trained with newer versions of technologies. The resultant team of experts can build universal mobile apps so you can benefit. Since we provide modular apps, these apps also turn out to be more affordable with no compromise in quality.

These apps built by experts and Ionic Mobile apps Developer from our company’s app development members in India let you manage your business from anywhere, given that you have access to internet connection. Have all necessary information and stats of your business right at your fingertips! Some technologies that we currently make use of, are as listed below:

  • Native Android
  • Native iOS
  • Ionic
  • Ionic 2
  • React Native
  • Xamarin

Infomaze specializes in developing apps for the following purposes:

  • Enterprise Level Applications
  • GPS/Location Based Apps
  • Field Service Management (FSM) App
  • Travel Based App
  • Health/Fitness Based App
  • Sports App
  • Calendar Based Apps
  • Finance/Banking App
  • School App

Further Simplifying these apps, these are the basic categories:

Location based Apps: Be it service providers like Cab Services and/or streaming offers based on location we have delivered the best here

E-Commerce Apps: B2B, B2C, Dealers Ordering, Small-Medium and Large businesses – the solution were packed with modules to meet the business needs

Business Apps: CRM, Dynamic Form, Lead Management, Invoicing, Field Service – Solutions delivered as required

CMS Driven Apps: Travel, News, Social Media and more.

The unique experience of the mobile application development team at Infomaze company ensures quality development. The tech staff has access to the latest technology and thus produce apps that are always up-to date.

Our apps can work through devices built with:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows

These are the operating systems on which most mobile devices run. Our Cross Platform Mobile Apps Developers might also suggest you what’s best suited for your preference. Just specify what you need and be rest assured that you will be delivered the same, and more!

A professional approach of our company ensures that the solution that you get from us is of high quality. We offer constant support so you will never have an issue with the usage or functionality of the app that you have chosen us to build for you.

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Mobile App Development

All our apps are built to be user-friendly, even from a non-technical perspective.

Infomaze builds apps that easily work on Android, iOS and Windows-run devices. These apps are versatile and work equally well even on tablets.