Telecom Industry Solutions

Affordable and Industry-Specific Solution

Modular Supply Chain Management System designed for Telecom Industry

A Supply Chain Management System developed for a leading, US-based client demonstrates Infomaze’s ability to provide expert telecom solutions. The fact that the solution is being used by a leading mobile service provider and a tower manufacturing company proves the following:

Apart from the supply chain solution, our team has also worked on a telecom market place (B2B) solution, which is currently used by hundreds of telecom business clients.

The Telecom B2B solution was one of the firsts of its kind when it was launched and immediately drew many users due to it’s easy-to-use functionality.

  • The team at Infomaze has a great level of communication and understanding to convert clients’ ideas into a perfect solution.
  • The support of leading clients proves that we can provide solutions for telecom industry.

Having worked extensively with these two solutions, we can approach any new or existing projects with confidence and assure you of successful outcome.

Telecom industry specific solution

The key features of the solution are: