Infomaze creates ZOHO Integration for Driver Training & Assessment Center

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Infomaze has been in the IT industry for over 16 years and has provided solutions, IT consultancy and other IT related services including API services to global clientele. Based on India, Infomaze also provides a wide range of unbeatable offshore services to any location.

The software development company provides ZOHO customization services by experts for all business requirements. We delivered one such client an all-inclusive application using ZOHO creator to change the way they handle their business. ZOHO integration is easily one of our key services.


The Australian Driver Training & Assessment Center used manual methods to intake applicants for training. This required a lot of time while the process could not even be streamlined optimally. Being a leader in the industry, the client wanted a system that could justify their hold on the work that they do.

Driver training and assessment center software Infomaze

The center needed a system in place that could automate their processes and result in optimized benefit for them. The system must also help students register easily and sync data into a centralized place.

Access to required data in real-time with advanced search that would save them time needed to search for records manually to move any process ahead.

The client needed a job seekers portal where they could manage job placements for enrolled students and also send out notifications.

How Infomaze Helped:

Infomaze brought in automation to the entire process from student enrollment to job placements. The solution was made with ZOHO creator to give the client’s business optimized workflow and thus better productivity.

The application has both secure and unsecured access. All login including Admin and Driver/Student access is secured. As for the public, access is unsecured.

Online Access – Online Enrollment
  • Students can enroll to driver education online through a secured login while officers can view and verify the enrollment details.
  • Admin can conduct and students can take literacy test online through our application.
Zoho creator registered partner
  • Admin can send out customized job-ready notification to students.
  • Admin can generate enrollment report as well as literacy test report per student.


The client was very happy with the application that Infomaze created for them with ZOHO creator. They are looking forward for another phase of the application.

Infomaze makes business management easy with ZOHO integration and many more customization services. Not sure what your business needs? We will let you talk to our expert to decide!

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