Get Advanced Quoting with Custom Zoho CRM & Creator Integration

Do you find it hard to come up with a more convenient way of quoting process inside Zoho CRM? Are the standard features inadequate for the intricate matters of your business industry?

Look no further. A case-study follows the solutions of Infomaze’s difficulty in a project by focusing on how Zoho Creator was used to develop a custom quoting system which is integrated with Zoho CRM.

In the current business environment, companies in the equipment and engineering sector will not only need sophisticated solutions but also believe in time-bound and vigorous interaction processes for creating quotations for complicated projects.

Zoho CRM gives a huge platform but some businesses may find the inherent factors not catering to their complex requirements. This is where Infomaze comes in to fill the gap by implementing Zoho Creator and Zoho CRM Integration to provide tailor-made solutions that afford companies the ability to do complex quotes.

Unveiling the Challenge: A Case Study

At Infomaze, we recently encountered a client in the equipment and engineering industries who faced a significant challenge, dealing with the simple quoting form of the Zoho default tool was not adequate for their needs.

Due to a plentiful measure of modifications, the customer could not reach an understanding with the company about the specific features and functionality of the app.

Challenges Faced by Our Client

  • The original Zoho quote module lacks the advanced functionalities for more complex cases.
  • Zoho’s already existing applications do not meet this requirement either.
  • Various factors, together with items from different sellers.
  • To reach this, the margin calculation methods need to be similar to those used by the industry.

The Infomaze Approach

Our Infomaze team set out to create a tailored solution using Zoho CRM integration with Zoho Creator. Here’s how we approached the project:

  • Managed to figure out the Zoho application pitfalls that did not fit the client’s needs.
  • Came up with a comprehensive strategy that would come in handy for making the most of Zoho Creator’s customizable features.
  • Quoting App Integrated with Zoho Creator and Zoho CRM smoothly to facilitate data distribution between modules.
  • Produced custom forms and subforms specifically designed for product selection and hard computations.
  • Leveraged Zoho Creator tools to create customized forms based on the requirements of the client.
  • Implemented functions for complex operations depending on different vendor items and the margins required.
  • To meet the standards of the industry, we carefully checked the correctness and speed of the bids.
  • Developed specialized templates and reports that allow clients to picture out possible bids and margins.
  • Internal and client-facing reports were separated to guarantee confidentiality.
  • Emails are now part of the system to facilitate the delivery of the codes to clients.
  • We placed payment links in the PDFs in order to fast-track the approval and deposit process.

Infomaze’s Customized Solutions with Zoho Creator App and Zoho CRM Integration

Customized Solutions with Zoho Creator App & CRM Integration

Infomaze began the project with a clear vision: to leverage Zoho Creator’s flexibility to build a customized quoting tool.

We were groping between Zoho Quote, Zoho Books, and Zoho Inventory, finally going for the custom-made approach with Zoho Creator due to its flexibility.

The Zoho Creator app seamlessly integrates with Zoho CRM, enabling smooth data flow between modules. This integration ensures effortless communication and collaboration across platforms. By streamlining processes, it optimizes efficiency and enhances productivity within the system.

We designed an app for the client with advanced features that do complex calculations and various products from many vendors to attain the perfect margins for the client.

We designed customizable templates and comprehensive reports to provide the client with thorough statistics about their quote generation process.

The reports were stored in an encrypted database and sent securely to the client via e-mail, together with payment links that enabled the approval and deposit process to be faster.

The Outcome:

Despite the initial challenges, our collaborative efforts yielded remarkable results:

  • Zoho CRM Integration:

     Infomaze successfully made use of Zoho Creator with Zoho CRM, making information exchange smooth and, at the same time, decreasing data entry by human beings.

  • Tailored Reporting:

     Infomaze developed tailor-made reports and meetings that showed a client the information or picture of pricing, margins, and profitability.

  • Secure Code Delivery:

     A unique security code will be transmitted to the client via email, together with the personalized PDF files and the deposit address for confirmation and payment.

  • Streamlined Quoting Processes:

     With the help of this custom quoting system, the customer’s team could generate quotes in a much faster and more precise manner, thus saving their time.

  • Enhanced visibility and control:

     A specific report on markdown, markup, and pricing strategy details gave the client an opportunity to analyze their business from a global and independent perspective, helping the client make sound decisions.

  • Efficient communication:

     The automatic email system not only reduced workload but also achieved greater client-customer communication and approval processes, which in turn improved client interactions.

Future Phases and Benefits

Future Phases and Benefits of Quoting in Zoho CRM

The achievement of a pilot project shows the way to introduce new opportunities, such as the automation of sales orders and deliveries of goods in the future.

  • Time Savings:

     By doing away with the manual calculations an implementing the processes on a more easy-to-follow basis, the amount of time previously taken for complex quoting tasks is greatly reduced.

  • Enhanced Visibility:

     Transparent markup and margin insights are a starting point for the client to make strategic decisions in terms of pricing and see where it can become more competitive.

  • Scalability and Customization:

     Zoho Creator’s flexible interface can also be modified in the future to be scalable to fit updated business requirements.

Advantages of Advanced Quoting in Zoho CRM:

  • Time Savings:

     Eliminates the need to perform manual Excel calculations and boosts effective use of time to accomplish multiple objectives at once.

  • Improved collaboration:

     Ensures that remote team members will be able to access centralized data in real time, which will encourage collaboration in the price setting process.

  • Competitive Advantage:

     Advanced quoting in Zoho CRM allows businesses to create competitive quotes from in-depth data analyses and margin comparisons.


The practical application of a custom quoting system is a testimony to whether Zoho CRM and Zoho Creator can be effectively utilized to meet complex business requirements. Infomaze is the best at creating customized solutions that take care of the various sectors and industries. Whether you’re looking for a next level quote capability or custom Zoho CRM integration, we will craft your idea into reality.

Unleash the power of personalized quoting with Infomaze

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