Cloud-based Contractor Job Management Invoicing Solution

Why a leading security agency from US chose Infomaze for their Contract Job Management System 

With increasing security attacks on business data, a leading U.S.-based security agency decided to automate the process of hiring independent contractors and managing security contracts with their clients. They knew that the need for security personnel had become more or less mandatory.

The company needed a multiple users-based system where contractors could register. On approval from the company, they would be able to confirm their availability for available contracts/projects. Basically, what they needed was a Contractor Job Management System 

Existing System & Its Challenges


Client earlier used various tools to manage the workflow and recording of events. Despite this, there was a lot of manual work involved, such as:

  • Google Forms were emailed to the contractors for registration. This was then manually recorded in an excel file
  • Excel files were searched for contractors who were located near the site location for job allocation
  • Emails and Phone Calls were used for communication to get contractors to confirm their availability
  • No accountability of work, status and invoicing
In short, increased paperwork led to very less productivity.

Our Proposed Solution

proposed solution

We proposed a cloud-based Application as a complete automation & workflow management system. We identified that the key areas of the problem were:

  • Contractor Management, Registration, Approval and allowing them to bid for/accept jobs instantly
  • For the client to post projects (job request) and decide to go public or invite for those projects
  • Quotes, Jobs & Invoice Management
  • Smooth transactions with email notifications and alerts

Advantages of our Proposed Solution

Cloud-based Contractor Job Management
  • Highly Responsive and works great on PC, MAC, Mobile as well as Tablets
  • Tab based form for the contractor to fill out for systematic application of the job
  • Instant Email to the client and Approval/Denial

Project/Job Posting

  • Detailed Project Posting form as per your preferences
  • Create one-time or a long-term Contract based Project Posting
  • Multiple Shifts-based Timing to allow one or multiple contractors to select their preferred working time
  • Save, Broadcast or Invite Contractors

Location Based Search & Invites

  • Search Contractors closest to Job Site
  • Search based on multiple other filters
  • Send Invite to the selected Contractors

Other Features Include

  • Online Quoting/Job Acceptance
  • Project Progress (Status based)
  • Invoicing-Single or Combined based on the Job Size
  • Dashboard and Reporting for better insight of your business

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