Migrate from Zoho CRM API version 1.0 to 2.0

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APIs are a set of defined mechanisms that give permission to access certain elements of a software between two or more systems; such as automatic tasks – to create, update, or delete elements.

Zoho has announced that all old API methods and codes based on v1.0 will cease to operate from December 31, 2019. If you have any third-party applications integrated with Zoho API V.1.0, you will have to migrate to the latest version of CRM APIs as soon as possible, as the older version will not be available from next year onwards.

Migrate to Zoho API V2.0 with Infomaze

What API V2.0 has, that V1.0 doesn’t

Zoho CRM V2.0 API is offering a lot more flexibility, enhancements and additional features intended to ease your workflow and improve the integration security, along with the functionality improvement and reliability of the API interface.

If you’re still using the version 1.0 API, it’s time to move to version 2.0 at the earliest for faster and easier business processes.

1. Higher security on using OAuth 2.0, that comes with scope for every API call. This guarantees that even though tokens are disclosed, they cannot be misused. Besides, the tokens are valid only for an hour.

2. Multi DC support is also added.

3. The daily limits of API calls have been changed to hundred thousand calls per day.

4. API 2.0 adheres to REST standards.

5. It supports easy JSON parsing, in which all APIs follow a similar response structure.

6. API dashboard for better usage analysis.

7. “API Names” have been added and as a result, any changes in custom fields’ and custom modules’ labels won’t affect your existing integrations.

8. Date/Time field values are updated to the ISO 8601 format that includes the time zone.

9. Enhanced Support for Mobile SDKs, JavaScript SDKs, and Server-side SDKs.

10. You can now share some of the permission accessibility on the modules and records.

Talk to our expert consultants if you need help with the migration.


Features of Zoho CRM API V2.0

OAuth 2.0 – The OAuth2.0 rule lets you share data with any third-party application while keeping your usernames and passwords confidential. This protocol gives the users an easy and secure way to exert authentication.

Connections – A simple authentication tool used to request any third party applications’ REST APIs and get access to your authenticated data from your functions or widgets.

Functions – Zoho CRM functions help in renewing data from related CRM modules or third-party apps by performing simple program scripts. With this feature, you can program scripts, add custom buttons & lists, associate them with workflow rules, and more.


Upgrade from API v1.0 to v2.0 with Infomaze

Hire Zoho developer (s) from Infomaze to help you move from Zoho CRM API v0.1 to v2.0. Our team will come up with a comprehensive action plan with a proper impact assessment of CRM functionality.

  • To start with, our certified Zoho developers go over and scrutinize your existing Zoho API’s scripts, workflows, and integration functionality, which will make the entire process hassle-free and result in smooth delivery. After the audit of Zoho API integration, we will make changes in the existing code which involves changing the authentication type, change in API urls and response parsing.
  • Next, we will test your whole system and authenticate the new code to make sure there are zero disruptions with the Zoho API v2.0 migration. You, on the other hand, can track the migration process, while we effectively troubleshoot any challenges that arise.

Being certified Zoho CRM consultants , we can help you move to v2.0 regardless of your industry type and size.

Moreover, if by any chance, your CRM account may be integrated with any third-party application like Mailchimp, Zendesk etc. that still uses the v1.0 APIs. In this case, we can urge the third-party vendors to migrate to version 2.0 at the earliest.

Please refer migration document from API v1.0 to API v2.0 and migration of Zoho CRM APIs and Functions to v2.0 for more information.

Contact our team of expert Zoho CRM developers, if you aren’t familiar with the process.


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