Custom Reports Using Zoho Analytics for Healthcare- A Case Study

The Client:A well-established organization in the healthcare industry

Our clients have been using Zoho Analytics for the healthcare industry for several years to track and analyze their financial and operational data. However, they have recently expressed frustration with the limited customization options available in the tool.

The Challenge: Difficulty extracting insights from their data

The challenge faced by our clients is that they need to be able to create customized reports in the Zoho Analytics dashboard that meet the specific needs of their organization. This includes filtering and managing data and adding custom visualizations and themes to their reports.

  • Our client needed a feature that allows users to generate reports with Zoho analytics reports and filter the data to search for specific records.
  • Based on the date and status of payment and other attributes, users can quickly filter the data to find specific information within a large dataset.
  • Once the reports are generated, users should be able to choose and send them to clients via email. This allows users to share their findings easily and helps ensure that all stakeholders have access to the latest and most accurate data.
Zoho Healthcare

The Solution: Create more effective and engaging Zoho analytics reports by filtering data

Many organizations need help with reporting processes, including more standardization and difficulty extracting insights from their data. To address these challenges, organizations can implement a tool like Zoho Analytics for report display and data synchronization from other products.

  • Organizations can connect and sync to their data sources, including enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and sales data from e-commerce platforms, and create interactive reports and dashboards.
  • After evaluating several options, we implemented Zoho Analytics reports into the client’s business application, a business intelligence and reporting platform that met their requirements.
  • Using Zoho Analytics’ drag-and-drop interface, users can easily customize the appearance and formatting of their reports, including the font, color, and layout.
  • In addition to the Zoho analytics dashboard, users can customize the appearance of their reports and the data included in them. Allows users to filter and sort their data and perform calculations and aggregations to create summaries and insights.
  • Using SQL queries, we created and customized reports in Zoho analytics. These customizations can be saved as a report template for quickly generating new reports with the same formatting and data.
  • In addition to customizing the appearance of their reports, analysts could customize the data included in them. Zoho Analytics for Healthcare has filtering and sorting capabilities to focus on specific data sets.
  • This feature allows users to export their reports as PDF, Excel, or other standard file formats and then email them to their clients. This makes it easy to share the report findings with others and ensures that all stakeholders have access to the latest data.
  • To use this feature, users need to select the option to export their report, choose the desired file format, and then enter the email addresses of the clients they want to send the report. The report will then be sent to the specified email addresses, allowing the clients to view and analyze the data as needed in the Zoho healthcare industry.
  • Additionally, in Zoho analytics dashboard allows users to customize the layout and organization of their reports so that they can email the report in a way that is most relevant and useful for their audience.
Zoho Analytics Dashboard

The Result: Successfully implemented Zoho Analytics with customization of reports and sending them to clients

By implementing Zoho Analytics for healthcare, organizations can improve the standardization and consistency of their reporting processes. They can also gain deeper insights from their data, which allows them to make more informed business decisions.

The results of our Zoho healthcare solution were highly successful. The client was able to create custom reports that met their specific needs and requirements, and they were able to filter and manipulate their data in the reports quickly.

The custom color options and themes we created also helped to make their reports more engaging and informative. Overall, our solution allowed the client to gain a deeper understanding of their data and make more informed decisions based on the insights they could uncover.

Implementation of Zoho Analytics reports can help businesses in several ways, including:

  1. Consolidate and analyze data from multiple sources, such as spreadsheets, databases, and cloud applications, to gain insights and identify trends and patterns.
  2. Create customizable dashboards and reports that allow users to visualize and interact with data in real time, making it easier to spot trends and make informed decisions.
  3. Implement advanced analytics and data modeling techniques, such as predictive analytics and machine learning, to forecast future trends and make more accurate predictions.
  4. Collaborate and share data and insights with teams and stakeholders, enabling better communication and decision-making across the organization.

Customization of Zoho Analytics can further help businesses to personalize the platform to their specific requirements. This can help to streamline business processes, improve efficiency, and drive better business outcomes.

Why choose Infomaze for Zoho Analytics implementation and customization?

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