Reinventing Customer Loyalty Program with Zoho Subscription – A Case Study

The customer – Loyalty program subscription company

Our client is a monthly subscription service company that offers redeemable discount coupons on dining, shopping, movies, and hotels that can be canceled anytime.

The client had multiple sites built-in with Wix, WordPress, etc., and our team at Infomaze linked their websites with Zoho subscription. We assisted them in being the first choice for optimizing and achieving operational excellence through our IT-enabled services. Furthermore, we created a Connector to link their subscription forms with Zoho subscription using Zoho’s hosted pages.

The challenge – Low participation rate in the rewards program

With the competition mounting and a general lack of automation, they sought a solution that added value to their customers by issuing redeemable reward points and discount coupons.

They were looking for an end-to-end solution to issue and redeem reward points. The No.1 drawback they were facing was low participation rates by customers and were looking for a solution to identify loyal customers and analyze their participation rate.

Their main targets were:

  1. Provide an easy to use interface.
  2. An admin panel to manage the system.
  3. Get better market data through insights.
  4. Track points for customers and distributors.
  5. Ward off competitive threats by offering greater value.

How Infomaze helped – Zoho Subscription customization and set-up

After a thorough search, the loyalty program subscription company discovered Infomaze and partnered with us to build a loyalty program application using Zoho Subscription that had the following features:

  1. Secure login for the admin and users.
  2. Robust reporting system to measure future growth.
  3. Customizable to meet unique workflow processes.
  4. Competence to track diverse business customers.
  5. Custom application with commendable UI and UX.

We built one of its kind loyalty program application in no more than a few weeks. We created a custom registration page that promptly provided them with marketing intelligence and insights on what the customers buy, their preferences, what social media channels they follow etc., and most importantly – How to service them better?

After analyzing and assessing their requirements, our team came up with a mobile integrated solution for merchants as well as end-users. Compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems, the solution allows merchants to issue coupons and reward points to be shared directly with customers across various social media platforms. It also comes with in-app notifications that can be enabled or disabled as per one’s convenience.


Features included in the reward points app built by us:

  • Allowing the end-users to efficiently manage their store cards.<
  • QR code generation for easy procurement.
  • Automatic payments at the end of every month.
  • OS and Android apps for the admin as well as users to issue and redeem coupons, reward points or gift cards.
  • An option to share coupons or reward points via social media platforms.
  • Hassle-free URL access for the users.
  • Integration of other apps and payment gateways.

How the reward points app works?

The end users can register, and the admin can either approve or decline their requests into the program. As soon as the users are approved, the coupons are sent to them for subscribing to the service. There is a separate panel for the admin to support the redemption and tracking of the coupons and reward points.


  1. The application is tremendously easy to navigate, allowing the admin to smoothly run all processes from the dashboard. The solution displays end-to-end information of the different offers that will release, value assessment of the coupons, the number of coupons to be issued, etc.
  2. Increase in the frequency of customer visits after the solution’s release. It helped our client retain existing customers, simultaneously attracting new ones, therefore paving the way for increased sales.
  3. Compatible with IOS and Android, the application is extremely helpful in generating and issuing coupons, points, and gift cards with an option to share them with the users across social media platforms.

End users:

  1. The admin generously credits points into frequent user’s accounts, encouraging them to use the application more often.
  2. Recurrent customers enjoy unique benefits like cashback, special offers, and discounts into their eWallet, allowing them to save more with each purchase.
  3. Users earn reward points every time they mention the app on social media or refer it to their contacts.

Results, ROI, and future plans

Customers have been flocking, and the sign-ups have increased 3x. They now have a marketing department to garner feedbacks, test new ideas, achieve speed, introduce new services, etc., and are now creating a huge buzz. The loyalty program subscription company is closer to its customers now more than ever. The actionable data is helping them improve strategic planning to cater to varied customers. Their users are benefiting from the subscription by getting free products for loyalty points. With low operating costs, affordable development fees, and excellent uptime, the company continues to be a success.

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