Zoho Creator Application Development for a Law Firm – A Case Study

About Our Client- A Law Firm Looking for Custom Zoho Creator Application

Our client was a US-based law firm, that settles debt and credit issues. They plan and find an effective strategy to help their clients fight and defend themselves against debt lawsuits. Our client has been searching the entire market for a solution regarding workflow process management for a long time, which should be not only robust but also easily manageable as well.

The Challenges Faced by Our Client- Create an Effective Solution Using Zoho Creator App

When debt collectors and credit bureaus violate consumer rights, they get sued. The company has to maintain proper paperwork and records during the entire intake process, which consists of numerous phases because they follow a tight protocol before accepting a customer.

For them, keeping track of everything by hand became quite difficult. The firm was dedicating a large portion of its time to tracking the input process and keeping data. They set up the application and made any necessary customizations as soon as they bought the Zoho subscription.

Our customer was searching for an expert and certified Zoho implementation partner because they didn’t have the time to go through the learning curve.

The Requirements Given by Our Client For Zoho Creator Application

  • Our client was looking for data storage and managing the data efficiently.
  • A way to enable the creation of PDF files for documentation purposes.
  • The solution has to be a user-friendly interface for a seamless experience.
  • Being able to create custom reports.
  • An effective app for both law firm users and administrators.

The Solution Offered by Infomaze- Customizing Zoho Creator App for Law Firm

Customizing Zoho-Creator App for Law Firm

Infomaze came up with an effective solution to transform our client’s workflow process and streamline the entire procedure.

  • With the latest developments in technology, our Zoho Creator experts developed business apps that are cutting-edge, smooth, and ready for the future. For the law firm, we developed a robust Zoho Creator application that allowed them to manage all of their client data, including the following:
    • Bank Name
    • Total Credits
    • Recently Made Payments
    • Information on Mortgage Loans

    On the other side, the client’s credit and debit history can be used by the admin to create a full report.

  • In addition to successfully implementing the Zoho Creator app for our customers, Infomaze’s team of expert Zoho consultants also precisely customized it to match their business’s unique requirements. We expanded our offering beyond the original app creation to include other Zoho solutions, which helped them automate and streamline their whole campaign process.

Their processes were carefully synchronized to provide a smooth onboarding experience for clients, which also made it easy to automate emails and follow-ups. Our highly skilled team of Zoho developers developed the Zoho Creator app, which was not only error-free but also built to get rid of any possible flaws.

  • We took it a step further to improve functionality by adding further capabilities to the program, which made real-time navigation easier. In addition to integrating with third-party systems, such as:
    • Paypal
    • Zapier
    • Google Drive
  • Our team created unique workflows with automated business operations. All of the data was easily accessible because of the integration that our skilled developers created, which produced a single, integrated solution.

Features of Zoho for Law Firms Integrated by Us

Features of Zoho for Law Firms Integrated

Here are some of the features we integrated for seamless functioning without any disruptions to the workflow in the law firm:

  • Workflow Builder
  • Mobile Application
  • API and Integration
  • User and Admin Portal
  • Multi-language Support
  • Customized Reports and Interactive Dashboards
  • Order Management
  • Workflow Management

The End Results- Successful Implementation of Zoho Creator App for Law Firms

  • The app development process was as easy as the client had anticipated because of the guidance and support of our certified Zoho Developers. It only took a few weeks to build the application, and the legal firm saw measurable savings and an improved end-user experience as a result.
  • Our client said they will be contacting Infomaze for all of their software development requirements in the future because of the Zoho Creator app we developed, which has helped them organize their resources more effectively.

Benefits of Using the Zoho for Law Firms

  • Customized Zoho Creator software to meet specific legal practice needs.
  • Automated procedures for more efficient case management.
  • Develop an application with precision and dependability in mind.
  • Integrated with third-party applications including Google Drive, Paypal, and Zapier as well as current tools.
  • Emails and follow-ups are sent automatically to boost client engagement.
  • Workflows that are optimized save time and resources.

Why Choose Infomaze for Your Zoho Creator App Services?

Using APIs created by our team, we have worked on several Zoho Creator application development solutions that collaborate with different third-party systems, such as online databases, e-commerce platforms, analytics software, accounting software, etc. In addition, we use high-security measures, backups, and upgrades to secure your data and eliminate any worries about security or uptime.

To design engaging mobile apps for iOS and Android that work on all devices, our Zoho developers could enable location-based data inputs and personalize fields and actions.

If you’re someone who is facing a similar issue and having a hard time finding the solution to it? Connect with us right now and we’ll help you find a solution to all your software-related issues because we have expert developers who can make everything possible.