Linking WordPress site to Zoho CRM- A Case Study

The Customer: Utilizes CMS WordPress platform

Infomaze helped a client, an international telecommunications industry solutions provider, automate the process of data integration. The company attracts regular traffic to their CMS WordPress website from their leads, who seek their consultation to other services from their property experts, which necessitated the need for automation. 

The Challenge: Lack of Zoho CRM web to lead form plug-in

The data entered on the CMS WordPress platform on the backend needs to be sorted, recorded, and exported to a platform that lets an easy understanding of the accumulated information. The customer regularly received requests for consultations or for their other solution services, including sales of telecommunications lease, telecommunication tenure audit reviews, to name a few.

The client had been entering all the information received through forms manually into the Zoho CRM system, not only utilizing unnecessary time and workforce but, also at the same time not having a 100% error-proof system during the data entry process, making the whole process inefficient.


The Requirement: Zoho CRM integration with WordPress

As the client ran a telecommunications industry, they were required to respond and deal with a new lease or renewed telecommunications lease negotiations, prepare audit site reports, manage and review Land Access and Activity Notice (LAAN) objections in almost no time and respond to their customers. For every business transaction, time was of the essence.

As for the challenges and reasons mentioned above, our client required us to make the contact as well as the lead data entered in the WordPress backend to automatically integrate it into the CRM system that they were using. This integration would not only reduce the turnaround time to reach a desirable, appropriate action, be it reaching out to their clients to assist LAAN management or reviewing of the LAAN tenure, but also saved workforce energy.

The need to link WordPress website to Zoho CRM 

About 60% use WordPress as their CMS platform worldwide, with a vast amount of data added every minute on its backend. With the numbers so high, it was no different for our client to consider the need to link their CMS website to a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solution to make use of the data that gets added on in the backend to reach actionable results in no time. Especially when wasting workforce, time or any other resources is not an option to boost the ROI.

And, this is where Infomaze comes in as we have the best CRM developers as well as the CMS developers to take care of all your specific business needs.

The Solution: A successful Zoho WordPress integration

At Infomaze, we choose the best solutions for our clients to provide an excellent user experience and automation in their business workflow. To fulfill what our client desired, we offered an integration of Zoho CRM with their CMS WordPress along with upgradation in their website plug-ins using Gravity forms. 

Our CMS developers provided easy integration with the Zoho Contacts, Zoho leads, and automated integration of the data entered in the WordPress forms along with notifications every time a new lead contacted them through the forms.

The Result:

With our integration services, the client would get notified every time a lead sent a form and helped them stay ahead in their business to give quick responses to their customers. Also, the company benefited tremendously as the process of data assimilation from their WordPress contact forms, and lead forms were efficiently automated, maintaining, and building better client relationships.

The client could easily map the contact, and the lead data on the Zoho CRM platform as it automatically got sorted during integration and did not have to worry about errors in the data as no data entry was required from our client anymore.

The client could rest assured about the security of the data involved as Infomaze provided a solution that ran on a highly secured SSL encryption.

With CMS WordPress to Zoho integration, our client achieved automation in data integration and overall exponential growth in their business as a telecommunications industry solutions provider.