Telephony Integration with Zoho CRM- A Case Study

Summary of Zoho CRM Telephony Integration

The client found it frustrating and time-consuming to manually enter the customer data into their CRM software. So they sought our expertise and requested us to find a way to integrate both making automated calls and managing the leads with a single solution. The client wanted to keep their CRM software and enhance it with Zoho CRM Telephony Integration. As Zoho-authorized partners, our strategy not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations, providing them with a streamlined and effective platform.

About Our Client- A Car Rental Agency Looking for Zoho API Integration

Our client, a well-known car rental agency, regularly encountered a high inflow of leads through diverse channels, including form submissions and messages. Despite using a sophisticated CRM system expert to manage this inflow, the manual transfer of information between their Zoho CRM and the Ozonetel Cloud Agent software created a significant challenge. Seeking a streamlined and efficient solution, the client approached us for assistance in seamlessly integrating these crucial processes.

The Challenges- Create an Effective Solution Using Zoho Customization Services


As our client was a well-established and thriving company attracting new leads daily, they encountered considerable difficulty and frustration.

Here is the list of challenges, they faced every day:

  • Complex Integration Setup :

    Managing multiple systems in a unified pool, such as CRM and HRM, presents integration challenges.

  • Diverse Lead Sources :

    Our client found it stressful managing leads from multiple sources like Zoho forms and Facebook marketing needs adapting to different data formats and sources.

  • Single Authentication Key :

    It could be dangerous and incompatible to set up a single authentication key for many applications.

  • Unanswered Calls Queue :

    Creating an efficient follow-up process for unanswered calls presents difficulties when implementing a separate queue system per client specifications.

  • Custom Algorithm Configuration :

    Thorough setup and customizations are required when configuring customized business logic for one-click disposition using the Zoho CRM telephony integration.

  • Data Synchronization :

    It can be technically challenging to offer seamless, bi-directional, real-time lead synchronization from many sources into the cloud telephony service.

The Requirements for an Ozonetel Zoho CRM Telephony Integration

The client required the following Zoho customization services, and they wanted it faster without disrupting their regular business processes:

  • Call management that is automated to handle high call volumes.
  • Manage several apps in one pool, such as CRM, HRM, and more.
  • Setting up a single authentication key for all applications.
  • Leads from Zoho CRM are synchronized in real time, in both directions, with the cloud telephony service, and disposition notes at the time of the call are imported into Zoho CRM.
  • Leads were sent to their Zoho CRM from a variety of sources.
  • Personalized business logic that sets up the Ozonetel pop-up URL for one-click resolution using the Zoho CRM telephonic connector.
  • A different queuing mechanism will be used, according to the client’s specifications, to follow up on the calls if they go unanswered.

The Technology and Tool Used in the Zoho API Integration Process

  • Webhooks are used to facilitate effective communication between Ozonetel, an open API-based platform, and Zoho API.
  • Real-time data communication is ensured by this connectivity, allowing Zoho and Ozonetel systems to update in sync.
  • An improved process that maximizes responsiveness and communication channels for efficient operations is the result.

The Solution we offered- An Ozonetel Telephony Integration with Zoho CRM

  • Using our expertise in providing all-inclusive Zoho integration services, our team accomplished a flawless Zoho API integration with a comprehensive grasp of the client’s demands.
  • The Ozonetel CloudAgent cloud-based contact center system and Zoho CRM’s features were connected through this connection, creating an automatic, bi-directional, real-time synchronization mechanism for important data such as call durations, details, and disposition notes.
  • In addition to streamlining procedures, our Zoho CRM telephony integration automated call handling. By ensuring real-time inquiry transmission to the Ozonetel CloudAgent platform, this creative automation approach improved responsiveness and efficiency.
  • Understanding the value of a customized strategy, we developed customized queries to provide a pop-up URL with customized one-click disposition messages that perfectly matched the client’s particular business needs.
  • When the calls went to voicemail or were answered by a busy user, our system automatically forwarded them to a call queue.
  • The client’s specific request was easily followed by this automatic redirection procedure, ensuring a well-organized and effective follow-up mechanism for such calls.

The End Results- Successful Zoho CRM Telephony Integration

The outcome was a robust, customized integration solution that not only enhanced the client’s overall workflow but also surpassed their expectations in call-handling capabilities.

  • We were able to complete the Ozonetel CloudAgent telephone integration with Zoho CRM in a competitive turnaround time because of our Zoho customization services and flawless Zoho API interface.
  • The customer is satisfied that our services have satisfied all of their needs and is even more happy that they are starting to see results right away.
  • The client never missed a call because of the automatic call management offered by the Zoho CRM telephony customization, which took place as soon as the client got leads in their CRM.
  • Automation prevented potential lead loss caused by labor-intensive, error-prone manual lists, benefiting our customers.
  • It was ensured that the missed calls would be prioritized and not hidden at the bottom of a list by placing them into a different call queue.
  • The customer had a 100% reduction in downtime and a smooth workflow due to our Zoho CRM telephony interface, which enabled us to deliver customized business logic and disposition messages, automated calls, and a call queuing system.
  • All of the client interactions were safely maintained and could be recovered immediately because of the real-time, bi-directional sync of leads onto the cloud call solution and the disposition messages into the Zoho CRM.

The performance of the client was efficient and the return on investment was increased. Also, they were spared from having to repeatedly enter data manually.

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