Customizing Zoho CRM for our Tour Operators- A Case Study

About the Client - A Travel Agency Looking for a CRM Software

Our client, Travel Tyme, a travel agency based in St. Louis, Missouri. They asked us to help them automate their workflow and streamline it them. We customized a Zoho CRM software to enhance their organization in managing leads, and customers and optimizing processes. This was achieved through our Zoho customization services.

The Challenge - Create the Perfect Zoho Travel Agency CRM Software

Being a reputable travel agency, our client has a long list of loyal customers along with a high inflow of new leads every day. The special services they offer make them stand out from the market, attract customers, and keep their clients coming back to them. They offer a wide range of special services, here are a few:

  • Travel Consultations
  • Special and Unique Travel Packages
  • Getting Insurance Before Travel for a Safe Journey, etc.

Even though their business was in great shape, entering the necessary details every single time was frustrating and overwhelming because of the workload. This repetitive task was not only time-consuming but also inevitable and consumed half of their workforce as well. Yet there were so many errors.

So the client, sought our expertise and wanted to automate all the tasks and eliminate manual errors. To ensure they never miss a trip consultation, accommodation booking, or any client call, and to minimize errors.

Requirements for the Travel Agency CRM Software


Based on the mentioned challenges, the client gave us the following set of requirements for their travel agency software:

  • Keeping track of fresh leads and figuring out a way to prioritize them.
  • Maintaining a record of their contacts and managing them effectively.
  • Automatically defining and creating tasks, including the tour schedules, based on the places that their clients have chosen.
  • Managing the payments made by the vendors.
  • Simple document sharing, including insurance, currency exchange information, and agreement sharing, from tickets and other booking acknowledgments.
  • Data from our client will be categorized and kept on a single platform by their needs.

The Solution- Customizing Zoho CRM for Travel Agency

Our experienced developers understand the needs of our client precisely, coupled with our status as Zoho Authorized partners. By precisely customizing Zoho CRM software to meet the requirements of our client, our team was able to provide them with the best travel agency CRM software.

Our expert Zoho developers offered a perfect custom solution along with Zoho CRM Integration with Zoho Docs to store all the above data on a single platform. This included managing all lead registration through the Zoho CRM forms, prioritizing the leads and transferring them to the appropriate travel agent.

Also, to obtain the maximum lead conversion, store all of the data, and sort the previous customer’s data including the pre-sales and post-sales information, travel schedule plans, etc.

Using Zoho CRM’s performance management feature, we customized the client’s Zoho travel agency CRM to create new tasks with pre-established action plans based on what their customers would choose.

These included custom workflow rules for the following:

  • Worldwide Cruises
  • Holy Travel Pilgrimages
  • Beach Vacations
  • Other Travel Packages.

We helped our client, Travel Tyme to manage their vendor fees by automating the process of advanced payments from their clients, who should deposit money to book travels, accommodations, and other travel arrangements. This was made possible by Zoho CRM’s sophisticated account management features.

The End Results- Successful Integration of Zoho CRM for Tour Operators

  • Hiring our Zoho developers helped Travel Tyme to significantly expand their business by reducing labor expenses, increasing automation for their workflow process, and achieving an error-free solution. Our developers expertly developed the Zoho CRM for tour operators to meet their unique requirements.
  • As our client could send emails and reminder notifications about the appointment meetings, because of the custom rules we created, our client did not have to worry about missing consultation appointments or leads anymore.
  • Keeping track of their reservation details for hotels, airlines, buses, and other travel became easy, and any agent with the proper access credentials could easily search through the structured documents on Zoho Docs to keep them updated or to share the details with their clients.
  • Whether for collecting payments from their customers or paying their vendors, the payment automation that we customized allowed them to never miss a payment by scheduling and sending reminders to them and staying ahead of time.

Key Benefits of Using Zoho CRM for Travel Agency


Implementing Zoho CRM software for tour operators has several benefits. Here are the main advantages of using Zoho travel agency CRM software:

  • Lead Management
  • Automated Booking Process
  • Integrated Communication
  • Sales Pipeline Visibility
  • Customer Communication Tracking
  • Mobile Accessibility for Travel Agents
  • Scalability for Growing Business

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