Customizing Zoho CRM for Solar Installers – A Case Study

The Client: A commercial and residential solar panel installation service provider

The client, a reputed commercial as well as residential solar panel installation provider, came to Infomaze for customizing Zoho Business software for renewable energy. We helped them by providing a solution that streamlined their business processes.

The Challenge: Managing the enterprise of a solar panel system for houses and commercial buildings providers

The customer had been managing all their data on installations, product inventory, and service and support appointment details, to name a few on time-consuming spreadsheets, which was highly susceptible to errors because of manual data entry and hindering in reaching their full potential, leading to losses for the company.

The Requirement:

As our client provided commercial solar panel installation, residential solar panel installation, monitoring, and maintenance services, for which the customer needed a systematic way to record all the relevant data, including:

  • Contacts data, from addresses, consulting appointments to installation day details.
  • Solar panels and batteries inventory data.
  • Performance and product warranty’s record.
  • The number of inspection visits and the data collected during such visits.
  • Automation in invoice generation considering the billable hours, the products, and the solutions delivered.
  • Account management system.

Our client came to Infomaze with the challenge in hand and with an expectation for an efficient, single platform solution that would solve all their problems at once.

The Solution: Setting up Zoho One for solar energy providers

The client, with their requirement, came to us, and our skilled developers at Infomaze knew precisely the solution that would suit their business specifications and provided Zoho One for solar energy providers.

We custom set-up Zoho one solution suite to perfectly fit our client-business needs. As a result, the client could easily maintain solar panel and batteries inventory records using Zoho Inventory and an excellent customer relationship with their clients using Zoho CRM.

We built forms for quotations and fill pre-inspection and post-inspection data on-site using Zoho Creator. Our developers integrated them with Zoho CRM, Zoho Writer, Zoho Sign, and Zoho Docs to store the inspection data generated on-site.


The Result: Successful implementation of customized Zoho CRM for solar installers

With the solution that Infomaze provided, our client could run their business seamlessly as it negated the extra efforts they had been putting in maintaining all their data and in reaching an insightful business decision.

For one, seesawing between applications to find the right data at the right time was no longer a Titan task and hence saved precious time for our client and increased their overall performance efficiency.

The Zoho CRM that we customized for them, our client never missed an in-house consulting or installation appointment and maintained perfect product and performance warranty records.

The Zoho forms that we created for our client enabled them to generate error-free quotes and maintain an immaculate record of their contacts, leads, prospects, and prioritize their best opportunities while striking a deal.

Also, with the easy way to fill up on-site pre-inspection and post-inspection data while providing their support and services, the company could smoothly run their operations.

The integrations that we provided between the Zoho applications, including Zoho CRM with Zoho Writer, Zoho Docs, Zoho sign, and much more, our client could skip multiple data-entry. Again, increasing their operational efficiency.

With the Zoho Books set-up that we did for our client, they could easily keep track of all their transactions and automate the generation of invoices after considering the billable hours, the products and services provided. At the same time, maintain accurate banking statements and take care of payment of bills comfortably.

Overall, our clients increased their performance efficiency and earned an increase in their ROI. With our skill as a Zoho authorized partner, we provided our client with the solution and its smooth implementation with reduced turnaround time. Our client was not only pleased with our services but, they plan to come back to Infomaze for any further solutions that they might require.

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