Built A Healthcare E-commerce Site in Zoho Creator – A Case Study

About Our Client- A Healthcare Looking for Healthcare Solutions with Zoho Creator

A reputable healthcare organization decided to move its services online to sustain long-term benefits. So they came to us looking for an expert solution that would help their business in all ways. As a Zoho-authorized partner, we came up with an effective solution that would solve all their problems. We created a complete eCommerce platform in Zoho for the healthcare industry to optimize connectivity across clinical, business, and consumer aspects in the healthcare sector.

The Challenges - An Effective Solution with Zoho Website Creator & Zoho Calendar

  • Long URL :

    The main challenge while creating an eCommerce site is redirecting the creator site URL to the client domain. The URL was so long that none of our clients wanted this URL to be published for marketing or posting purposes. So we need to create a solution to make a shorter URL.

  • Our next challenge was to create an event in the Zoho calendar based on the input given by the user/patient in the “Get Quote” by Zoho forms integrations.

  • We didn’t use Zoho Commerce because we needed to add the functionalities and design according to the requirements of the client. We can only use Zoho Commerce for default design templates.

Zoho Creator and Zoho Calendar

The Solution - Create Complete Healthcare Solutions with Zoho Creator

  • Using the Zoho website creator for building an eCommerce site, you don’t have to call and ask every prospect and customer to send you a check for every purchase order, so we have successfully created a shopping cart solution to add their desired products with fields name such as Image, Product Name, Quantity, Currency, Subtotal and Remove.
  • A shopping cart’s primary purpose is to support online merchants with more extensive customer databases and to enable a simplified self-service method.
  • The shopping cart solution with the Zoho Creator website includes a payment option on the check-out page, automates customized taxes and transaction fees based on where the customer is located, and helps with inventory management.
  • To achieve healthcare solutions with Zoho Creator, the URL of the created e-commerce site is extensive, so none of our clients want a long URL for their marketing or publishing purposes. With so much research, we can also re-route the site to their domain using a third-party site.
  • Initially, we take the Zoho creator published site, and in the third-party site, we create the website in that published creator site using Frame I. Once creating the website on a third-party site, we need to change the default domain to our domain by upgrading to a premium of the created site.
  • We can shorten the URL per business needs so the client can publish and market with a short URL to their prospects and customers.
  • With Zoho forms integrations, we have created a “Get Quote” form with all the fields related to booking an appointment according to the user’s needs. Based on the user input in the Zoho form, we are creating an event for a particular doctor with all the details of patients in the Zoho calendar.
  • When we create an event, the representative or doctor can access a specific calendar and view their appointments and what surgery they should do. Based on the date in the Zoho calendar, we create an event with the chosen doctor, date, expected surgery, patient name, and other details.
  • Overall, we take the data from the Zoho creator form and store it in Zoho CRM. Based on the data, we create the event in the Zoho calendar for doctors with all the patient’s details.
  • Using Zoho sites, our Zoho-certified developers created, designed, and published the doctor’s site as per the client’s requirement with all the information on the doctor’s education, contact information, services, surgeries performed, before and after images of the procedures, and more.
  • Anyone can view the doctor’s details by clicking on the URL or typing the website URL. The user fills in the form by clicking on the “Get a quote” button, and all the records are stored in Zoho CRM.
  • Every doctor will be assigned a limited number of patients to be treated on a daily basis. For instance, only three patients can book an appointment with a single doctor. If any new user tries to book an appointment on the same day, they will be on the waiting list or in the queue for the next available date.
  • The users can book the product for therapy sessions. Once the user clicks on the “Book now” button, the Zoho page will be redirected to the creator site, and the users can choose the session packs on a particular date and time. Once the payment is made, the event will be created on the Zoho calendar.
  • To meet the client’s request for scheduling two patients within an hour, we’ve implemented a daily event limit feature. When users select a date and time, the system checks existing events for that day. If the limit is reached, an alert prompts users, preventing overbooking. This ensures efficient scheduling while meeting the specified requirements.
  • Our Zoho creator developers have created a form called “Accommodation,” where the patients will fill out all the information. Once the form is submitted, the Zoho CRM will create the record.
  • Customer representatives/ Zoho users will assign the room to the patient. Based on the date, time, check-in, check-out, doctor, the arrival of the flight, and more, we create the event in the Zoho calendar.
  • If the room is not available patient goes on the waiting list, and if any patient modifies the check-in and check-out date, we will check the waiting list of upcoming patients and assign the rooms accordingly.

The Result- Successfully Created a Healthcare E-commerce Site With Zoho for the Healthcare

Zoho for Healthcare Industry
  • To run a profitable online healthcare business, we ensure the website using Zoho for the healthcare industry has all the functionalities that meet all the client’s requirements. Mapping the Zoho creator website to clients’ domains with a short URL will be easy for customers to remember and improve end users’ shopping experience taking your business to the next level.
  • Also, we allowed the patients to manage their appointments with doctors and book accommodations by filling out the form with all the details. The data will be received by their customer representatives on the other end.
  • Lastly, like all modern website designs, we built with Zoho Creator website to improve users’ awareness of the company’s healthcare products and help client organizations work efficiently.

Why Choose Infomaze for Creating E-commerce Websites Using Zoho Website Creator?

  • Our certified Zoho developers, distinguished by their exceptional skills and rigorous training, stand as leaders in their field.
  • Being a Zoho-authorized partner, we provide comprehensive solutions for streamlining and automating business processes, including finance, human resources, sales, marketing, and more.
  • Using extensive expertise, we excel in managing and implementing diverse customer interactions, ensuring a seamless experience for your business.

As a Zoho authorized partner, we have the expertise to handle various Zoho platforms such as Zoho Creator, Zoho CRM, Zoho Forms, Zoho Calendar, and more. At competitive rates, we efficiently bring you first-in-class solutions per your eCommerce business needs. We help you manage your healthcare solutions with Zoho Creator and bring automation into your eCommerce business by improving your workflow and increasing your ROI and profit margin.

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