Integrated Zoho Creator App with WorkDrive for Pharmacy Management

A Case Study of Pharmacy Management System Development from Infomaze - A Zoho Authorized Partner

The Summary:

As our client’s pharmacy business bloomed, they sought automation in their everyday business and reached out to us.

As Zoho authorized partners, we helped our client automate their everyday pharmacy business transactions. We built the pharmacy management custom portal using Zoho Creator for the client. And we also provided Zoho Workdrive integration with Zoho Creator for automation in document management.

The Client: Seeking Effective Pharmacy Management Solution

A pharmacist who had gained trusted wholesale and retail clients, used to run operations manually. The growing demands from the customers made it difficult to continue managing all the transactions manually.

Managing and keeping track of everyday transactions seemed like an uphill task and exhausting by the end of the day! The client, not wanting to keep up with this challenge, came to us looking for a permanent solution.

The Challenge: Hiring the Right Zoho Developers

Not losing the business built as a dependable, trusted pharmaceutical business owner in the eyes of the end user. The client came to us with thebelow-listed challenges and wanted a solution that was efficient and future-proofed.

  • Delays in manual data entry caused by the client’s busy schedule led to difficulty in inventory management.
  • The client’s end users placed orders via calls and messages, leading to a tedious, manual order management process.
  • The clients had no way of viewing the inventory and would place orders for products that were out of stock.
  • Confusion and errors in orders because of no automated pharmacy management system.
Zoho Customization Services with Project Needs

The Requirements: Effective Zoho Customization Services

The client, when they approached us, had gone to multiple software developers and was unhappy! With the high cost of expenditure and the lack of confidence the companies instilled in them, the client came to us ready to be disappointed.

The client wanted a solution that served their business purpose efficiently, but came at a reasonable price. They didn’t want to compromise on the functionalities they sought in the application. The client wanted an effective pharmacy management system.

To manage the operations listed below effectively, the client wanted us to develop an automated solution for them.

  • We designed the quote templates to look professional and aligned the design to go with the brand.
  • Real-time inventory tracking and management.
  • We used custom Deluge functions to update the exchange rates every hour within the Zoho CRM.
  • A user-friendly portal for customers to place orders, submit prescriptions using the patient-specific profiles.
  • Secure permission-based profiles with login credentials for patients/end-users and admin access for staff.
  • Streamline the entire order placement and its processing, and track them with an order tracking link.
  • Maintain a secure digital record of invoices, purchase orders, and more, with options for end-users to download/upload the same.
  • Increased customer satisfaction and growing the business in the pharmacy industry.

The client overall wanted the solution to help them grow their business, involve more in quality work than in quantity work and save time.

The Solution: Leveraging Zoho Creator & Zoho WorkDrive

To address all the above requirements for our client with the best effectiveness at a reasonable price, we opted Zoho as our technology solution.

  • With Zoho Creator, our developers created a Zoho Creator app/portal through which the client could handle the pharmacy business.
  • Our Zoho developers implemented user permissions to control data access based on individual roles. With Zoho Admin control of the portal, the client could add their customers to the portal and also provide selective access to the staff.
  • With custom functions, we also created an easy check box option in the Zoho Creator portal. The client could use the check boxes to provide selective access to different modules within the portal.
  • As soon as the client added their end users to the portal, our Zoho developers created an automated custom workflow. And because of the custom workflow, the end users would receive an email with a link to the portal, along with secure login credentials.
  • With Zoho customization services, we customized the look of the Zoho creator portal created for pharmacy management. We also enhanced the user-experience by using HTML/CSS and created two Kanban views, one for viewing orders and one for tracking inventories.
  • As per the client’s request, we provided Zoho WorkDrive integration with the Zoho Creator portal.
  • Our Zoho developers embedded tracking link for orders in the order module, to check the status of the order.
Zoho Creator Portal

The Result: A Successful Zoho WorkDrive Integration with the Zoho Creator Portal

The most important part of any project is to ensure the work that was put in is fruitful and to reach customer delight!

Initially, our client had been in a fix! Not finding the right partner to work with was bothering them. After reaching out to Infomaze, a Zoho authorized partner, the client could get the Zoho creator portal with the Zoho WorkDrive integration, in almost no time.

The features we had customized through our Zoho customization services helped them achieve the following:

  1. A single point of secure access to all of their pharmacy business transactions.

    It provided real-time inventory management, order processing and fulfillment, automating the entire business. The automation reduced expense costs and increased their ROI.

  2. With the Zoho admin access, the client could quickly add their end users’ to the portal and update permissions in no time, by selecting the pre-set checkboxes.

    The easy checkbox system saved time immensely for the client. As a result, the client finally had the time to strategize his business expansion.

  3. Provide selective permission to the staff to ensure a secure and streamlined workflow in the pharmacy business.

    Every employ had permission-based access to their duties that prevented confusions in the workplace. And also, improved the morale of the employees, overall increasing the work efficiency.

  4. An Easy onboarding for the client end-users to the Zoho creator portal.

    The easy onboarding with the automated link to the portal along with the credentials enhanced customer loyalty.

  5. The Zoho creator portal design provided exceptional user-experience to the client and their end-users.

    The superior and crisp kanban views of the orders and inventory modules resulted in a positive word-of mouth. The buzz marketing led to newer customers for our client.

  6. With the Zoho Creator portal and Zoho WorkDrive integration resulted in a seamless document management for the entire pharmacy business.

    The client end-users could upload prescriptions and purchase orders while the client could upload invoices for the same.

  7. With the embedded tracker link, the client and their end-user could easily track the orders.

    With the embedded tracking link for orders, the client could also filter out the order/inventories easily. And efficiently manage the stocks with the above feature and never go out-of-stock for all of their products.

Overall, the client was extremely happy with the streamlined pharmacy management system that we provided. The client is now discussing with our Zoho team to get an integration of payment gateways done with the Zoho creator portal.

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