Improved Multipurpose Print Broker Software

Impressed by its expert solution offerings over the years, Infomaze has been requested time and again to create a software that can help printers manage their business better. Infomaze successfully catered to every requirement of printers with its smart approach.

That being the cue to go, Infomaze decided to create a cloud-based software solution that not only helped printers of signage, promotional and general companies but also print brokers. PrintPLANR was framed to be a one-stop Print Management Information System for all types of printers and print brokers.

The aim was to present a solution that was multipurpose and replaced multiple software that handles different areas of your business. It also works online, so you can access it from anywhere!

When you incorporate PrintPLANR, you do not need separate software to:

  • Create Designs with a wide option of fonts;
  • Allow customer to share original or even edited designs that they like to order;
  • Handle purchase orders to suppliers;
  • Store and handle customer information and accessing them digitally;
  • Create brochures and display them on storefronts.

Read on to know how PrintPLANR will work as a single software to handle all the tasks mentioned above with its efficient modules:

  • The wonderful Web2Print feature lets you create beautiful B2B and unlimited B2C storefronts for corporate clients and regular customers. Add offers with ease, set selected products to be editable by the customer;
  • Create and modify print designs online with the full-fledged and precise Online Design Studio(ODS) tool;
  • Ward off the need for manpower required to be on the move who communicate by visiting your clients’ place just to get the designs approved before finalizing and placing an order. This can be a tedious and time-consuming process if any modifications are considered. PrintPLANR make it all digital!
  • The software easily integrates with any existing ordering portal if your customer is hesitant to switch despite the benefits! Try the External Ordering System;
  • Input, access, and perform various operations on data of all prospects, clients, and suppliers in one place with the help of Advanced CRM feature;
  • Complete Print MIS – Clearly, it works as a single software to replace all your other software, and no need to worry about integrating them with each other: SAVE COST and TIME

Other than the above, you do not need to hire another person to act as your approval system for orders placed by customers or for purchase orders to your trusted suppliers.

The solution lets you easily impress your customers and retain them for a long time. You also increase the rate of prospects to clients conversion. By saving cost, you can concentrate on other areas of your business that truly require your attention and thus improve your business drastically. Reach us here for a free trial or demo.