What is Warehouse Management System? Why is it Important for Business?

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) plays a huge role in inventory industries. The software organizes and controls everything within your warehouse to make sure it runs in the most optimal way possible.

Easily manage your stock and deliveries with our advanced Warehouse Management System

Infomaze’s cloud-based WMS prepares you for modern supply chain management to align inventory and fulfill services. The automated solution offers real-time visibility into an entire inventory which can be accessed through any device and web browser, the only requirement being an active internet connection. In addition to that, PrintPLANR and FieldPLANR are products of Infomaze and they offer warehouse management solution too.

The module allows you to manage your stock across various storage locations and trace your entire warehouse in great detail. You can get an overview of the quantities of stock in the warehouse and can also determine where exactly an item is located in your warehouse.

Integrated logistics, same-day delivery, and e-commerce fulfillment are reasons why small & medium businesses are recognizing the importance of warehouse inventory management software. The modern software optimizes all warehousing functions and undertakes complex distribution functions. Its functions include – arrangement of the inventory, maintaining equipment, shipping orders, packing, managing new stock, and tracking warehouse performance.


The system helps to eliminate human errors, maximize efficiency and productivity, and have a positive impact on the overall business. Moreover, the solution provides you with various other information such as scheduling, packaging, tracking and more to help you run your business much more efficiently.

The importance of a Warehouse Management System:

1. Improved inventory management

The advanced Warehouse Management System plays a vital role in inventory management. It improves order fulfillment and controls the warehouse’s activities throughout. At the same time, it lets you track each detail for improved order fulfillment and accuracy.

Our solution ensures that inventory management is a much faster and easier task. By providing quick and accurate results, WMS lets you respond better to consumer demands. You can map the exact whereabouts of the inventory and can determine when it needs to be replenished.

2. ROI

Our WMS solution lets you to promptly accelerate your ROI with improved sales and increased profits. It is the right fit for your business as you can sell faster and more accurately to happier customers. Furthermore, the precise and smart solution is less prone to errors, consequently leading to inflated customer satisfaction.

3. Increased productivity

Warehouse Management System optimizes the efficiency, material workflow, consistency, and quality control of the warehouse at the utmost speed. The cloud-based solution improves every stage of the fulfillment process and generates jobs in much lesser time. Added to that, the system reduces labor productivity with improved shipment accuracy. 

4. Lower costs

The WMS solution does not incur any upgrade, maintenance, or infrastructure costs. The affordable system enables you to preserve your profit margins as everything else is installed, managed, and maintained by our professionals.

There is no need for hardware or IT specialists as all data is stored on the cloud. The ready-made solution can be easily integrated with multiple systems to connect all your logistics processes from end-to-end.


5. No upgrades required

With a cloud-based solution, you’re always on the latest version of the software due to automatic upgrades and updates. All data is on the cloud and hence, you can have the latest codebase at work.

6. 100% inventory transparency

One of the most crucial elements of a good Warehouse Management System is inventory visibility. The software provides real-time updates on everything that’s going on within the warehouse. Each item that enters the warehouse is documented and all the movements are tracked, thus leading to complete transparency.

Visibility helps to estimate demand forecasts of the best-selling products during specific times of the year. These forecasts play a huge role in the decision-making of products purchase and the ongoing trends in the market.

7. Manage multiple warehouses

Infomaze’s Warehouse Management System efficiently manages your inventory across multiple warehouses on a single platform. You can purchase, receive, and replenish your inventory in multiple warehouses and sell at the same time.


8. Improved customer service and supplier relations

The benefits of WMS are optimized by both supply and demand chains with regular use. Customers enjoy many benefits such as improved order fulfillment, decreased inventory levels, and enhanced order accuracy levels. Thus, improving your business’s reputation under such a system.

When you have a Warehouse Management System in place, you don’t have to fret about the inventory’s whereabouts as the solution tracks every unit down to the lowest level of detail – for better order fulfillment and decreased inaccuracies.

9. Efficient labour management

A WMS lets you freely determine which picking and packing methods work best for your business. It not only optimizes inventory placement and route creation, but can also assign a suitable employee for a particular job based upon factors like skill level and proximity.

The software schedules and assigns tasks and helps identify areas of improvement, therefore allowing you to comprehend how all your resources are being spent.

10. Reduction on inventory paperwork

An automated WMS can greatly impact the usage of paper. The real-time updates reduce paperwork to a great extent and make sure that inventory and information flow are in perfect harmony. Also, you can ditch the traditional methods of information retainment as it can now be maintained digitally.

With Infomaze’s cloud-based solution, you can accelerate your business and concentrate only on what is necessary as the Warehouse Management System looks after the rest.

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