Online Print Design Studio for creativity

Create, store, edit and approve print designs online

Infomaze created an Online Design Studio (ODS) for a Print Management Information System (Print MIS). Using this design front, the admin (user of the solution) can design print products online, edit and even save designs that could be further edited in the future.

Some products that can be created and designed are: office stationery, marketing material, real-estate print materials as well as promotional products (those that can be printed on t-shirts, caps, mugs, etc.,).

There are various advantages for an Admin as well as a Customer/End-User.

As an Admin:
  • Upload file of your choice – either high resolution or low resolution to build an editable template.
  • Create multiple objects and define styling such as font type(you can even build your own font) and color. Define the font size, shrink or even truncate the text if required.
  • Add images to your artwork and even create a whole gallery for end-users to use, if needed.
  • Assign managers to approve orders of customers before sending it for the final print process.
As a Customer:
  • Upload your own background file (if allowed by the admin).
  • Edit products online as far as it is allowed by the admin.
  • Choose an image from the local drive or from the gallery created by the admin.
  • Save drafts if you are required to leave in between for some reason, and edit it sometime in the future right from where you paused.
  • Order on behalf of one or multiple users too (variable data).

If you need more modules, you can always talk to us, since all our solutions are highly customizable. Contact us here

Read more about the Online Design Studio here

PrintPLANR Online Design Studio

Not just choosing a design, even the way it is created and utilized is important.

Ward off costs incurred due to cancellation of orders after printing. Approve designs before sending them for print.