Custom Project Management Software Development – A Case Study

Scenario: The Issue Client Wanted to Address.

Imagine the hassle one would have to go through if no goals were set for agile project development! Or if the issues faced or headways made were never recorded.

Overall, the development process would be chaotic and slow, leading to the wastage of precious time and other significant resources.

While we have project management methodologies to take care of this, doing it the old fashioned way through meetings after meetings may not work effectively.

Discussing the issues and never really coming up with a plan to resolve them, overly discussing the resolution plan or slowing progress due to delayed follow-ups or gaps between departments; negatively impacts the project’s progress.

The Summary: To build a Custom Project Management Software

The client wanted custom project management software developed to address the issues mentioned above and make it easy for their end-users to follow an agile methodology.

Discussing the end goals with our client, we set upon developing an application that precisely fit our client’s needs using our high-end web app development services.

The Client: A Project Management Consultant

As a management consultant and a corporate coach, the client dealt with the management of six sigma, lean or lean six sigma agile projects and wanted to develop a custom project management software to ease the managing process and further outsource the solution to the end-users.

The Challenges: A Lack of Project Management Software

For every issue discussed in a meeting, the whole time is spent finding the root cause or fixing issues on a superficial level and never really eliminating the root cause issue.

Moving digital to manage the project with access to only the project manager creates communication gaps and becomes counterintuitive.

Hence, the client wanted us to develop an application through our project management software development, break the silos, and help end-user organizations work efficiently.

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The Requirements: A Custom-Project Management Tool

  1. The client wanted a custom-project management software that included independent software applications to deal with different aspects of a project.

  2. Whether it is for goal setting, resolving obstacles, executing actions effectively, and efficiently tracking and managing each process.

  3. A content management system to promote the custom project management software and gain leads organically.

The Technology Used: PHP Web Development

Our PHP developers that the client hired have immense expertise in multiple PHP frameworks and used the following PHP frameworks to develop the custom project management software; Cake PHP, Symfony, Codeignitor, and Core PHP, to come up with a custom PHP framework.

A PHP-based content management system for creating a dynamic website with a great User-experience and User-interface.

The Solution: Project Management Software Development

As per the client request, Infomaze worked on the custom – project management software development and delivered a project management tool that included three integrated software applications.

The three software applications, with their specific purposes, are as follows:

  1. A Goal Achiever Application: With this application, one could set defined actionable goals, track the performance of the goals, and recognize any pain points that slowed the progress of achieving the goals.

  2. A Problem Solver Application: Any pain points recognized causing a hassle in reaching the goals could be listed here, and follow up the countermeasures taken to solve them. One could escalate any delays in the process to achieve faster problem-solving.

  3. An Action Planner Application: With a suitable agile methodology, be it Scrum, Kanban or Scrumban, follow the implementation of action plans to achieve the goals of a project. List the issues that one comes across while implementing the project and track the steps undertaken to address the issues.

The end-user could use the above applications individually  (independently), all or two of them in sync with each other.

The end-user could choose and provide selective access to their employees or assign another stakeholder to access the application as an administrator.

We customized a PHP-based content management system, WordPress, to create an interactive website with excellent UI/UX, contact forms and more. We also managed the mobile responsiveness and optimized it for various web browsers.

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The Result: A Successful Implementation of the Custom - Project Management Software.

Through our web app development services, the client could provide efficient project management consulting services through the project management tool we delivered.

For the end-users, tracking, managing and following up with the Goals, problem-solving and actions with the independent software applications could occur in real-time, eliminating communication gaps.

Each software application module alone improved ten-folds’ performance efficiency for the end-users.

With every obstacle tackled immediately, whether in implementing actions, goals or solving problems, the client could offer effective time management through the independent software applications.

The administrator can assign the selectively visible real-time updates of the Goals, Actions and Problem-solving appropriately to the team members and project coordinators, ensuring information sensitivity.

As a result of the end-users advantages from the project management tool, the client increased their loyal client-following, ROI, and profit margin.

The optimized content management system that we worked on helped the client broaden their brand reach globally, procure leads and prospects organically, and increase their clientele.

Overall, the client has been happy with the PHP web development that we did and is eager to increase the functionalities of the software applications through our web app development services soon.

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