How our Flagship FSM Solution Will Manage Your Business

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What kind of field services do you provide? Electrical? Recycling? Pest control? Regardless, the best field service management software will transform your business!

Field Service Provider

The most challenging job for any field service provider is undoubtedly scheduling.

Field services software is meant to make that task as easy as for you possible. Automation is key and field service management software must get your business automated in the shortest possible time. That is, it must be easily incorporated into your business.

FieldPLANR is the best field service management software that is quick to implement and takes over your workflow right away. From CRM to reporting, the field services software has all the features your business needs and much more.

Field service management software (FSM software)

The software is so versatile that it can be customized to fit all your requirements like it’s built uniquely for your business! Modules that make your field service management a cakewalk:


Customer relationship management (CRM) is the major ladder to success of any services business. Just converting prospects into leads isn’t the only challenge. Making that worthwhile means retaining your valued clients by regular follow-ups. FieldPLANR provides you with options of tasks and calls that you can even assign to any user whom you have provided access to the solution. In addition, you can even manage your inventory suppliers from the same module!


How do you schedule visits when you are unaware of field technician’s availability? FieldPLANR’s modern calendar displays technician availability in real-time for stress-free scheduling, increasing productivity by more than 80%.

Cloud-based Scheduler

Inventory Management

Inventory is updated in real time based on completed field visits as well as purchase orders received. You have access to real count whenever you feel the need to check on it.

Real-time Inventory Management

Field Mobile App

Dedicated field mobile app or the technician app lets you track your field technician’s location as well as job progress. Technician adds notes, images etc., while he is onsite and you can access the same via centralized system. Works even in remote places with no internet access. Data is automatically synced on the centralized system once internet connectivity is gained back.

Field Mobile App - Technician App


Nobody just grows blindly. Your business needs deeper analysis and this is only possible when you track it’s growth regularly! FieldPLANR provides reporting feature that lets you run system generated or even run you own created reports for required time period. Analysis is thus rendered easy to help you make better business decisions and in turn increase your turnover.

Faster Business Growth

FieldPLANR is a cloud-based field services software that is modular and provided as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model. Cloud-based means you can access it from anywhere with an internet connected device. SaaS model means it is more than just a software but a solution that includes regular maintenance and even hosting!

FieldPLANR is affordable by all business sizes from start-ups to large enterprises with scalable resources. All this with unbeatable features makes the flagship FSM solution one of Infomaze’s best.

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