Angular to ReactJS application migration

Be it SMEs or large enterprise, converting your MEAN stack application to a MERN stack application is no more a cause to worry as our skilled developers know exactly how to handle the migration seamlessly and will be with you from planning the migration to its deployment

Our developers bring you the best migration strategy considering all of your requirements including adding a feature in the new React application while parallelly migrating from your existing Angular application using either the big bang migration approach which involves a complete re-write of the code or the strangler pattern approach that involves gradually changing the old code with the new code, or a combination of both the above approaches.

At Infomaze, we provide the best migration services, and to make sure what we claim is what you get, our experienced developers go through repeated cycles of building and testing the code to make sure it runs error-free, before deploying it in your React application. From refactoring the code, taking care of the dependency injections, setting routers, directives, attributes, components, events to state, our developers make sure they cover all bases for your application to run uninterruptedly.

Contact us if you are considering moving your existing Angular application to React application and have any queries regarding the same. Our dedicated developers will help you with all your queries. Our consulting services are free and come with no obligation whatsoever.

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Why Migrate your MEAN stack Application to MERN stack?

Support: One of the main reasons to consider a migration is that the Angular JS team is no longer providing active development for the application and no new features will be added to the framework. While React provides, frequent minor changes with new feature additions to minimized breaking changes. Hence, choosing a community that is vastly active is desirable.

Simplicity: When you factor in the simplicity criteria, React wins again as it lets you unify all components in the same state management system and also allows complex state management systems to emerge when a project complexity as well increases. While Angular distributes the state information, it provides complex state management even for smaller projects.

Flexibility: React, being a library provides more flexibility while adding functionality than Angular, which is a framework that comes with mostly integrated functionalities.

Dynamic: React offers fast rendering as it comes with a virtual DOM that allows changes to be made and applied in the virtual document object model (DOM) and changes in the original DOM are updated accordingly, resulting in the consumption of less time. While in Angular, the instances created/destroyed requires more time to be recognized and responded to.

NativeScript: When it comes to Angular vs React while moving your application to Andriod or iOS, React offers an overall better performance and a UI with Native when compared to Angular JS.

At Infomaze, we take advantage of all the above features to their full extent and provide you with a top-notch React application that meets all your needs.

Why Migrate your MEAN stack Application to the MERN stack with Infomaze?

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Our expert developers have worked on multiple application migration projects and with their experience can handle code migration from your MEAN application to the new MERN application with ease, irrespective of the size of your application. Our developers are adept when it comes to adding any new features while parallelly migrating your code to the new application in an agile manner and make sure that your business is not affected. Reach out to us with any queries regarding application migration and we will clear all your doubts. Or if you have similar projects on your mind and are not sure how to approach them, our knowledgeable developers are here to help.