Should you opt for .NET Core development?


Should you opt for .NET Core development?

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.NET Core provides a great platform to build high-quality mobile apps, as the developer follows standard set of practices. This also makes the resulting app easily testable while the final software would be easy to maintain.

ASP.NET is the highly portable framework for .NET core.

.NET core is the boosted version of the .NET. The .NET core and ASP.NET offer a lot more, including:

    • New Toolkit

.NET incorporates a whole new toolkit with many tools that simplify the development process.

    • Container Friendly

.NET Core is container friendly and allows the usage of Docker containers.

    • The .NET Core is open source

Open source means possibilities are endless.

    • High performance

Incorporating only necessary NuGet packages results in lightweight apps with improved better security and thus higher performance.

    • Cloud compatible

Cloud-compatibility for resource scalability makes it apt to use in all project sizes.

    • Cross-platform

Support for cross-platform makes it highly portable.

    • Side-by-side .NET application versioning on the same server.

ASP.NET core supports side-by-side app versioning.

    • Microservices

Supports the use of microservices.

Although the .NET framework is strictly for Windows, the .NET Core is modern and one of the main reasons of its creation was to enable its platform-independent feature.

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As we can see, .NET core is not just an easy platform with many options for the programmer. Applications built with .NET core are highly user friendly and of high performance. It supports development for small or large projects equally well. NuGet packets make it highly modular and allows you to only pay for those that you use.

The ASP.NET core includes MVC framework. Web UI and APIs can be easily built with ASP.NET core MVC.

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