15 Reasons Why We Recommend Asp.NET Core Development for Your Enterprise Software?

With experience in software development for more than two decades, we have dealt with major technology stacks and worked on multiple projects of different sizes and kinds for various industrial sectors.

The experience, expertise and unique problem-solving skills that we have developed over the years have made us pick up a few tricks here and there, and we know when to use which tech stack to gain the maximum out of it.

Although it mainly depends on a project’s requirement, ASP.NET Core development being versatile makes it a perfect match for any sized project, even for an enterprise-level, high-performance requirement.

We detail why ASP.NET Core development is the preferred framework for enterprise-level projects and why, in turn, ASP.NET Core services are the most sought for various application development.

Before we go over the 15 significant reasons why we recommend ASP.NET Core development is, we shall understand what is ASP.NET Core is and how is it different from the ASP.NET framework.

What is ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core, and how are they different?

ASP.NET: a web development platform that integrates HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with HTTP commands and policies for bilateral communication and provides three development styles with Web forms, ASP.NET MVC, and ASP.NET Web pages.

ASP.NET Core: a newer, open-sourced version of the ASP.NET web framework that combines MVC and Web API and works on Linux & MAC as well along with Windows.

From the way, ASP.NET could only be used for Windows. ASP.NET Core allows the application use on Linux and Mac, the performance improvement in ASP.NET Core; there are more differences among the two .NET frameworks, including a modified CLR in ASP.NET Core.

Based on these differences and the other advantages the ASP.NET Core development brings, it is a worthy framework for building your enterprise-level application. We elaborate the same in the next section.

Advantages of ASP.NET Core Development

Advantages of ASPNET Core

With competent ASP.NET Core developers who utilize the advantages of the ASP.NET Core framework, get the best applications for your enterprise. Using the ASP.NET Core framework has its advantages that are as follows:

  1. High-performing application development
  2. Cross-platform compatibility
  3. Open-source development with ASP.NET Core
  4. The simple and yet nicely designed framework
  5. Suitable for multiple platforms
  6. Exceptional development tools available
  7. Reduced quantity of code
  8. Easy Maintenance
  9. Model Binding
  10. Interactive Web UI
  11. Quicker deployment of the application
  12. Razor Pages
  13. Effectual authentication process
  14. Multiple versions can run simultaneously
  15. Better cloud support services

There are more reasons than the list provided above. If you are curious to know more about and for your ensuing enterprise application ASP.NET Core development project, feel free to talk to our friendly consultants.

Elaborated Benefits of ASP.NET Core Development You Should Consider

Get ASPNET Core Development

Utilizing all the above advantages that ASP.NET Core development provides and other added benefits, including modified CRL, the Core CRL, no server licensing, editor extension capabilities, built-in dependency injections, Azure cloud, our ASP.NET Core Services are affordable with quick turnarounds and more.

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