Reason to Choose MEAN Stack for Your Web Application Development

Developing a web application requires a lot of prior thought and planning. Choosing a robust tech stack is crucial when deciding on the technology stack to be used based on the functionality, size, and type, among other factors of the web application.

This article discusses how choosing a MEAN stack for your next web application project will be an excellent idea for you and your business. The following section will help you better understand if you are new to MEAN stack development.

What is MEAN Stack?

MEAN stack is a tech stack that leverages open-source technologies and frameworks, MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js. Each component works compatibly with one another to create impressive web applications.

Here's how each component contributes to the development process:

  • A schema-less, document-oriented database that uses JSON-based query language to interact with the web application’s back-end, MongoDB is highly flexible.
  • It is a great database management system with a No-SQL database, meaning the documents can have different sizes, content, and fields, making them easier to use.
  • It does not require MongoDB to store similar data on tables, and no need for a field primary key and entity keys for access, making it a high-performing database. The database is flexible with more features, including in-built sharding and more.
  • Express.js provides effective page loading speed with a simple web framework for Node.js.HTTP module.
  • Its features and plugins aid developers in writing the codes efficiently for secure APIs for your web application.
  • Most suited for even large-scale enterprise-level web applications, a web framework that works magic and provides smooth and interactive UI.
  • Build single-page client applications using HTML with the structural framework in TypeScript.
  • According to the business logic and programming, Angular evaluates directives, resolves binding syntax, and modifies DOM while supporting two-way data binding.
  • A JavaScript runtime environment with event-driven architecture that runs on the V8 engine is open-source, cross-platform, and uses asynchronous language.
  • With a robust back-end, it helps in faster loading in your web application.
Mean Stack App Development

Why Should you Consider MEAN Stack Technology?

Suppose you want to create a robust MEAN stack app development for your business. In that case, it’s easy to adapt the MEAN stack because it runs on a single language and significantly boosts the communities of active developers by achieving more on the web with JavaScript.

For MEAN stack application development, it facilitates a unique execution environment for client-side and server-side since its MEAN programming is written in JavaScript.

Due to its versatility in building a web application that is fast, scalable, and robust, the demand for MEAN web application development services has increased.

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Advantages of MEAN Stack Technology

If you are into MEAN stack app development, you can transfer your code from one framework to another without hassle.

Due to its high flexibility, you can develop, test, and introduce the application without any annoyances.

Opting for MEAN web application development services is cost-effective because your requirements for a total number of programmers are less than the LAMP stack and uses libraries and public repositories.

MEAN stack has the non-blocking architecture of Node.js, allowing high-speed and reusable data.

Another benefit of the MEAN stack is open source, so the complete code development takes place in JavaScript, and its components get updated frequently.

MEAN is easy to learn for back-end and front-end developers because it supports Model View Controller (MVC) architecture, providing a quality user interface.

Make the web development process easy and faster with Node.js, which has a massive library and JavaScript modules.

Another advantage of MEAN stack is that it offers JSON, which is used everywhere in MEAN stack, and MongoDB, a database framework suitable for large-sized projects, stores all the data in JSON format.

Mean Stack Web Application Development

Why should you opt for MEAN for your Web Application Development?

  1. Efficient Skillbase:

    A MEAN stack developer with an efficient skill base will build web applications with a single language code base and be able to execute and deploy web applications immediately on a server in no time.

  2. Cost-effective:

    You save substantial development costs by using an open-source technology stack for web application development with a MEAN stack.

  3. Flexible Stack:

    From app development, and testing to deployment, the MEAN stack handles all, including managing the user-generated data, and provides an isomorphic coding advantage.

  4. User-friendly:

    With the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture, reusability of codes, and cloud usage, the MEAN stack application development provides UIs that maximize user experience.

  5. Strong Community:

    With the JavaScript framework’s popularity, even with the deprecation of Angular.js, finding solutions for any queries is not tricky.

  6. Single Language:

    The stack based on one common language provides high compatibility and no scope for miscommunication for MEAN stack app development.

  7. Effectual:

    The JavaScript-based MEAN stack is scalable, easy to implement, and developer-friendly, making faster and reliable web app development possible.

Why do Organizations Use MEAN Stack Technology?

Significant players use MEAN stack application development for their business, including Walmart, LinkedIn, Uber, Accenture, Fiverr, UNIQLO, Sisense,, AngularClass, and many more.

It is clear that the MEAN stack applications are quite flexible. MEAN web application development services help build dynamic single-page applications, social media, enterprise, streaming, and real-time applications.

What Should you Consider while Hiring MEAN Stack Developers?

  1. Experience and deep expertise
  2. Efficient solutions at affordable pricing
  3. Secure and quality – MEAN stack application development
  4. An ISO-accredited company
  5. Quick delivery, efficient project management, and smooth implementation with flexible hiring modules.

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