8 Things that make Infomaze the Coolest Tech Firm

Ultra New, Uber-Cool Workspace with Informal Areas

New environment, more creative ideas! Infomaze’s new infrastructure built from the scratch (Vaastu approved!) is a host of modern amenities such as centralized AC and pantry so our staff is always comfortable, have reach to caffeine and never have to work hungry.

There are multiple informal spaces with areas hosting bean bags and other fun utilities. The team can think clearer when they feel the need and carry their laptop around to work.

There are also many other spaces in the office campus including the neatly maintained lawn and indoor games room to unwind and refresh minds.

Flexi Hours

Unlike many IT companies out there, Infomaze believes in providing flexible work hours to our entire team so they can give their best output. Happy employees are those who get to spend time with their family after a productive day so they are recharged for the next! 

We Celebrate Everything!

From birthdays to Indian festivities and Patriotic Days to even our client success stories (achieved with our solutions), we love an excuse to celebrate as a reward to all the hard work (which we love) that we do!


Safety comes First

We respect the safety of our employees – men and women alike! Infomaze provides all security measures in its strength to ensure that our team is safe and sound.

Safety comes first-Infomaze

Work Ethics

Infomaze believes that work ethics hold a great weightage on company growth – ethically first, then financially. When we provide our team training, we emphasize on the importance of work ethics and ensure that all our members follow good work ethics. Work ethics is promptly followed by the entire team – be it at the fresher level or the managerial level.

Work Ethics-Infomaze


Clients top our priority list. We share a great relationship with all our existing clients from around the globe and hope to join hands with many new clients in years to come. We believe that our relationship does not end right after the software is delivered, rather pertains. We give the best customer support and we are not exaggerating! We have also had many heartwarming, informal meet ups other than just team discussion – it’s the way we connect! Hear our clients talk.

You are as good as your Team

Team work is the way to create great software solutions that could never be done by each employee separately. Our 80+ team of experts include developers, QA specialists and designers that work together to create solutions that that are world-class professional. We work as ONE.

Visit us and let us know what you think! 

Infomaze is on the Go Green path!

We love mother earth and have the highest respect to those who are like us. Our new infrastructure boasts of environment-friendly and modern facilities like rain water harvesting and using recycled water to water the plants in order to maintain the beautiful lawn in the green campus.

Infomaze continues to be one of its kind and serves global clients from various industry with Cloud-based Software Solutions, IT Consultation and other amazing IT services. Find out more