MEAN Stack vs. MERN Stack –Which Framework is right for you?

MEAN Stack and MERN Stack are two terms you might have encountered in software development. MEAN Stack and MERN Stack are buzzwords coined by Brian Chesky of Airbnb fame. They describe a method of building web applications based on a set of “design principles” that promote simplicity, prioritization, and outside-in thinking.

The application that you are building needs to be built using both. If you are not using either, you need to choose one over the other based on its features and functionality.

To help you decide which seems to have the edge over the other and which one is perfect for you, we have curated this article. Let us look at their definitions first.

MEAN Stack Development Services

The MEAN Stack is a server-centric web development framework based on Apache Camel and Spring Boot. The term “MEAN stack” refers to a set of technologies used to create a software application. MEAN stack developers will use multiple languages and tools such as Node.js, TypeScript, and AngularJS to make their applications scalable and maintainable.

In MEAN stack, the application is developed with a single codebase, making it easier to develop and maintain. It also helps in keeping the codebase flexible and maintainable.

The MEAN stack is preferable for enterprise applications as it provides a modular component-based architecture for building next-generation HTML5 Single Page Applications (SPA).

MERN Stack Development Services

MERN stack is a type of web development framework which is based on the MVC pattern. Facebook created it, and it’s used to build complex web applications.

The MERN stack consists of MongoDB as the data store, Express as a web server, React Router as a frontend router, and Nodemon as a service manager.

The MERN stack consists of three main components:

  • Model – this is a data model that describes an object’s attributes and uses them for creating other objects (such as views or controllers)
  • View – this component displays data from models to users.
  • Controller – this component handles requests from users and processes them accordingly.

In short, the MERN stack is a way to organize your code into separate layers with clearly defined responsibilities. Each layer has its specific purpose, and they communicate using communication patterns called “verbs.”

The MERN stack is often used by start-ups and companies who want to build their applications using the latest and best practices in web development.

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The Differences Between MEAN vs. MERN Stack

  • An essential difference between these two stacks is that the MEAN Stack uses average values for each column, and the MERN Stack uses MEAN values for each column.
  • The MEAN Stack is used when you want to compare different sets of data points and find out how they compare with each other. The MERN Stack is used when you want to compare multiple sets of data points and find out which set has a higher average value than others.

Which suits you the best- MEAN Stack vs. MERN Stack?

MEAN Stack:

MEAN Stack is a tool that helps you understand the complexity of your business domain. It gives you a bird’s eye view of your business’s context and helps you understand the intricacies of the problem you have to solve by breaking it down into a series of subtasks. MEAN Stack creates a matrix that shows how each subtask contributes to the overall goal, how much time it will take, and what resources are required for each task.

The MEAN Stack is a set of test cases defining your code’s expected output. These test cases are placed at the top of your test suite, and all subsequent tests pass through each. The idea behind the MEAN Stack application development is that it provides a consistent view of your application’s behavior under different circumstances.

MERN Stack:

The MERN Stack is a set of acceptance criteria that describe how you think the application should behave if it’s working correctly. These acceptance criteria are placed at the bottom of your test suite, and each is passed through by only one test case. This approach allows you to think about how your application should behave when things aren’t working correctly, which can help you catch bugs before they affect customers.

Mean stack Development Services

Whom should you hire-MEAN Stack Developer or MERN Stack Developer?

  • MEAN Stack Developer:

    The main advantage of hiring a MEAN stack developer is that they can create a front and backend in one project. This means you will have complete control over your product and will not worry about maintaining multiple frameworks and tools. Also, MEAN stack developers are more likely to be familiar with modern technologies and can create unique products for your business.

  • MERN Stack Developers:

    The main advantage of hiring a MERN stack developer is that they are experts in the field. They have an in-depth knowledge of their field and can create the most functional and efficient web application for your business.

  • MERN stack developers are responsible for the entire software development process. They understand how to design, code, test, and deliver a quality product on time.

Final Say

Both MEAN stack and MERN stack applications have made a significant impact on the front-end web development scene, and it’s a fact that both are extremely popular right now.

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