How Software Maintenance Services Aids Your Business Growth?

Software Maintenance and Support: 101!

This article covers everything from ‘what is software maintenance?’, ‘why software maintenance is required?’, to advantages of software maintenance & more.

But, we mainly focus on “How software maintenance aids your business growth?” and give you an elaborated insight into how to maximize your growth with the help of a software maintenance company.

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But, if you are still considering the benefits of software maintenance services, keep reading on to understand the fundamentals of software maintenance.

What is Software Maintenance?

Software maintenance is a process where extensive management of software applications is taken care of to modernize them, enhance their functions & performance, to name a few.

It is a crucial step in the software development lifecycle that ensures the software is successful and remains so with frequent product enhancements through software maintenance services.

That slightly answers why software maintenance is important, and we shall dig deeper into why it is necessary in the next section.

Why is Software Maintenance Required?

To better understand why software maintenance is required, we should know the four types/categories of software maintenance that are highly significant at different levels of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)

The four types of software maintenance are:

  1. Corrective Maintenance
  2. Adaptive Maintenance
  3. Preventative Maintenance
  4. Perfective Maintenance
  1. Corrective Maintenance:

    You have a software whose existing defects need to be fixed & when such reactive maintenance occurs, it is referred to as corrective maintenance. It usually happens in the form of short-term updates.

    If not fixed through corrective maintenance, the bugs could affect the software application’s design, logic, and code, inconvenience the users, be it yourself or your clients.

  2. Adaptive Maintenance:

    Adaptive maintenance comes into the picture when one needs to adjust to the changes in the environment of a software application and requires modifications.

    The changes that influence the software could be its cloud storage environment or any third-party system, changes within the operating system, hardware or software dependencies.

Understanding the Requirement of the 4 Types of Software Maintenance
  1. Preventive Maintenance:

    When one wants to future-proof against potential vulnerabilities in the software application, then the process involved is preventive maintenance.

    Preventive software maintenance helps in the efficient maintenance of the software stability with code optimization, document upgradation, & reducing risks related to software deterioration.

  2. Perfective Maintenance:

    When it comes to enhancing the software application for its user experience, customer satisfaction through the addition of new features or deletion of old & unwanted features, software’s interface changes, & more, it falls under perfective maintenance.

    Perfective maintenance works best with genuine product feedback and hence requires regular, effective communication between the users and the developers to improve the software reliability, performance, & usability.

Now that we have covered the different types of software maintenance and understand how they work, it should be evident that each maintenance change is crucial in the software development life cycle & is required to keep the product/application/software functionality at a top-notch level.

We go deeper into the importance of software maintenance and discuss how the right approach in software maintenance can help you reap the benefits and grow your business.

How Software Maintenance Services Aids in Growing your Business?

To benefit from software maintenance services, it is crucial that the right resources are being used and the developers know the factors that influence its effectiveness, including:

Other than the above, it is highly significant to keep the app architecture, content mapping and business logic in mind to ensure the benefits of software maintenance services is maximized.

Business Growth Benefits from Software Maintenance & Support Services

The Impacts on Business Growth

Now that you understand why software maintenance is required, we now discuss how it impacts business growth.

Hence, software maintenance is fundamental for any company that works and highly relies on a software application, which in this era of digitalization is every other company.

Budgeting with a clear strategy for approaching software maintenance is exceptionally critical in ensuring a high ROI and obtaining the benefits from effective software maintenance. Both of which can be achieved by reaching out to a software maintenance services provider.

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