Salesforce for a Financial Institution – A Case Study

The Client:

Our client is a service management company taking care of banking services, investments, tax regulations, and other financial-related services for their customers. The client wanted a more automated data processing Salesforce CRM system to forecast its customer base’s financial structure.

The Challenge:

The client wanted to migrate their business data from their legacy system to a more efficient processing system. The course included their customer’s profile data, household data, banking data, and much more. Maintaining a physical record of all the deposits, loan transactions, and future planning investment was a tedious task. The client had to maintain enormous records of corporate companies, commercial banking institutes, and financial investment companies as part of their service profile.

Manual entry of all this data was a cumbersome task and was also prone to frequent errors and data duplication. The information was split across many platforms, and hence processing this data to a collated actionable insight was getting difficult. The client lagged in providing real-time business insights to their customers due to an outdated data processing system. And that resulted in losing their customers and incurring substantial financial losses.

Salesforce CRM case study

The Requirement:

The client called for a seamless and effective CRM software to manage their business data and a Salesforce application to stay on track with the financial aspects of the business, including migration of the legacy data from an old system to the new database system and migrating the old banking software to the cloud-based Customer Relation Management(CRM) system.

The customer wanted Infomaze to build an effective CRM system that includes contact information, account management, and obtain predictive sales forecast, to help provide immediate assistance to their clients and ultimately an excellent end-user experience by directly involving them in investment decisions.

The client wanted us to integrate all the third-party software, including the JIRA ticketing software, into the new CRM system to ensure they work on the cases in an organized manner.

automation of data aggregation in the CRM system once data is entered in the banking software to prevent data re-entry. Along with auto-detection of discrepancies, be it data reduplication or missing data in the end, either in the banking software or in the new CRM system.

The Solution:

Developers at Infomaze efficiently structured the database management using the ETL technology along with Salesforce financial cloud services. This BI tool’s combination provided a matching database schema between the new Salesforce customized CRM cloud system and their legacy banking software system.

Using Salesforce’s open-source code and JIRA ticketing tool integration our client used to track and manage raised tickets. The client hence was able to solve the queries in a seamless manner.

Infomaze, with its expertise, was able to choose the best BI tool for the client. Integration of the Salesforce financial software with the new CRM system provided the advisors work more systematically. We moved all of the client’s data to a more organized database system and migrated the legacy system to the new Salesforce CRM system with almost no time.

The Salesforce cloud integration with our client’s legacy banking software allowed our client to achieve process automation in data collection, be it stock details, tax regulations, asset information, and accessible analysis of the above data using the Salesforce financial reporting software. This solution saved time and helped them make rock-solid decisions that induced exponential growth in their company.

Salesforce KPI

With our customization in the Salesforce CRM cloud, the client received automated error-notifications when the software recognized any discrepancies between the client banking software data and the data in the new CRM system.

Our developers set custom Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) considering the client business pipeline that allowed the Salesforce management system to predict the sales forecast. The designed management system helped them make sound business decisions accordingly and motivated them to reach their goals at all times.

Also, Jira and Salesforce integration allowed our client to respond to all the tickets being raised in real-time. We customized Salesforce CRM to provide task prioritization reminders according to the client’s financial business needs, which lead to better client relationships and an increase in their revenue in the end.

The Result:

Overall, our client benefited hugely from our services and the solutions we provided and Salesforce implementation training with 100% user satisfaction.

  • Seamless data transfer from the old database to the new database system.
  • Integrated JIRA ticketing tool in the new CRM for efficiently tracking tickets.
  • Salesforce cloud system helps advisors manage financial transactions
  • Our choice with the BI tools to efficiently build a dedicated sales system.
  • Faster and reliable workflow
  • Secured and structured data management system.

Why Choose Infomaze?

Developers at Infomaze have set standards for working across challenging projects and have gained expertise in providing tailored solutions across different industries. Our dedicated team works with third-party service providers and integrates the required tools with the in-built software to ensure a professional workflow.

We work on migrating tools to seamlessly move your data to a more efficient storage system. Our application migration experts can analyze the current business management system and help you upgrade to the latest technological advancements.

Are you looking for a structured data management system for your business? Reach out to us and let us analyze a planned approach for your requirements.