Industry-Specific Solutions

Affordable and catered to meet unique requirements of YOUR business

Infomaze offers ready, off-the-shelf solutions that you can incorporate into your business without having to wait for weeks to adapt to them. We call them solutions and not just products because not only will they help you run your business process smoothly, but they can also be easily customized to further enhance your business needs.

Our array of solutions include the following:


Complete print management information system that takes care of your workflow and makes print job management a cake walk. Cloud-based print solution for all printers including signage, digital, offset, promotional and print brokers too. Get your hands on the limited 30-day free trial to see how the solution transforms your print business in days. PrintPLANR is your one-stop print workflow management software. 


B2B ad B2C solutions for modern printers including digital, signage and promotional printers. Perfect for start-ups, small & medium businesses to large enterprises. Pay-as-you go costing on the cloud. Online Design Studio for print designs that customer can edit and preview before placing any order. Set an auto-approval system or manual approval system as you prefer. The highly customized solution that can be accessed from anywhere with a browsing device. 

Online Design Studio – Make your customer the designer


CRM or customer relationship management is one of the most important yet sensitive part of any sales business. If you take the necessary measures to not just get your customers on-board but also keep them satisfied with your services. Cloud-based CRM solution by Infomaze provides you with multiple level access to allocate, hide or show all or part of data as you need. Convert lead to customer in one click in the software, run campaigns, add tasks and calls for prompt follow-ups. 


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Customer Relationship Management


FieldPLANR is the flagship Field Service Management (FSM) Solution of Infomaze. Created for field service providers of all sizes. Portable solution is cloud-based and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet browsing device. Admin can create multiple user roles and provide varying access permissions for each.

Dedicated technician app is the field mobile app that technician can carry to onsite visits, add notes and mark visit as complete. Centralized system ensures all members of your business can access the same data at any given point of time. 

Field Service Management Solution (FSM)


Pest Control Software by Infomaze is specially created to cater to every need of any pest control industry. Pest job management with instant scheduling, invoice management, Inventory Management, CRM for not just customers but also prospects and purchase order suppliers.

Reports for each module so you can keep track of how your business is doing, compare reports of two months to analyze business growth. Customize reports or run system-generated reports. 

Pest Control Software

Cloud-based software makes is affordable to businesses from start-ups to large enterprises. It can be customized to suit your business exactly the way it needs. Separate login access for admin and technicians. 

 Regardless of what industry your business lies in, Infomaze will customize the estimating software to fit your business just right and caters to all your requirements.



Knowing that no customer is willing to wait for quotes any longer, Infomaze created Estimating Software. The main aim was to ward off older methods that were not very reliable.

You will need to enter data manually, organize, filter and sort it often. With online estimating software by Infomaze, your work from converting estimate to order, to tracking status of orders and raising purchase orders, gets automated. 

Estimating Software

 With the quote estimating solution, you get better quote conversions as your customers will be happy with instant quote sharing and other automated procedures that you now provide. It also works as a great system for your sales team as quote information is available at fingertips.

The estimating solution integrates with third party software such as accounting packages so you can export your business information like invoices. 

Regardless of what industry your business lies in, Infomaze will customize the estimating software to fit your business just right and caters to all your requirements.



Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software is a web-based digital management information system, which allows organizing your files in a cloud-based environment and distributing them between users, clients, editors and others in a simplistic way.

Digital assets are any day more reliable than physical assets when it comes to information storage and management. Smart drag & drop upload for files, images and other media with an option for traditional upload as well. 

Digital Asset Management Software

Tag files, give them description for smooth and quicker search results. Multiple user creation with different access rights that can be assigned by the admin. Cloud-based model can be accessed from anywhere. SaaS model gives you full value on your investment. 

Regardless of what industry your business lies in, Infomaze will customize the estimating software to fit your business just right and caters to all your requirements.



Web-based form builder lets you create and share forms from anywhere. The form builder software gives you all the options to build forms that you’ll ever need and more.

Easiest way to build forms with drag & drop field options during form creation. One form can be used any number of times. 

Dynamic Form Builder

Start editing pre-defined templates with pre-configured fields such as date, or create new form from scratch. Single and multiple line text fields, list boxes, tick boxes, radio button, file upload, tabular forms and many other customizations to build forms. Create, edit, copy, save for future use, archive, deactivate forms whenever needed.

Customize forms depending on usage – Surveys, Polls, Checklist, Job Applications, Online Exams, Evaluation – the applications are endless. 

Regardless of what industry your business lies in, Infomaze will customize the estimating software to fit your business just right and caters to all your requirements. 

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